by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: The Mullahs in Tehran are furious with President Trump for withdrawing from the Iranian Nuclear Deal (JCPOA). They are so angry that they are threatening European leaders with being outed for being paid off, unless these leaders can somehow talk Trump back into the deal. The Iranian leaders are dead serious about this. They plan to publish a list of western diplomatic leaders who have been paid off for supporting the JCPOA.

By even making this threat, the cat is out of the bag about the Iranian Nuclear Deal. It is a fraud and always has been a fraud. Now, we also know that official in the participating countries knew it was a fraud, when they signed the deal.
According to Tehran, many of these western diplomats were paid off to look the other way about what was really happening.
This is beyond disturbing. It’s a level of corruption that is unimaginable but, in my heart, I know it’s true. I am all for the Mullahs exposing this massive corruption, and they are bitter enough to do it, even though it’s in their best interests to keep quiet about the corrupt leaders.
I wonder how many Americans participated in this pay-to-play scheme, don’t you? To me, it’s unimaginable that anybody, regardless of how large the bribe was, would risk nuclear annihilation of their countrymen for filthy lucre. How could anyone be that treacherous?
Trump left the JCPOA because it was a flawed deal, and because Iran must never be allowed to have nuclear weapons. When they chant, “Death to Israel; death to America,” they mean it. That the Obama administration would ever make such a bad deal has always been perplexing, but now we may have our answer about why they did it.
My prayer is that the Iranian leaders follow through with their threat to expose those who received bribes. I want to know exactly who they are; don’t you? My second prayer is one of gratitude that President Trump had the courage to withdraw from this massive con job by the Iranians. His wisdom in doing so may have saved the lives of millions in Israel and the United States. Better than anyone, he understood the evil intentions of the Radical Muslims in Iran.

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