THE MEDIA Is Agenda Driven Not News Driven

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Jussie and the Covington High School fiasco have one thing in common. Both stories were reported wrong by the mainstream media, and there have been many others as well. Trying to be the first to condemn Trump supporters as monsters or worse, the media, in their rush to point the finger of blame, have created a false narrative that has proven to be repeatedly wrong, but that’s not the worst of it.
They don’t care that they are wrong, not much anyway. The end goal—to defame and vilify Trump and his supporters—is worth being inaccurate. This creates a terrible problem though.
When the news is agenda driven, rather than being driven by accuracy, it ceases to be news. Instead, it becomes opinion writing, which is what I do. I have a perspective, and I state it. Everybody knows this is what I do, and they make their decisions about me based on my viewpoint. My goal is to influence people to believe the way I do. It’s obvious this is my goal.
Journalists are not supposed to be like me. They are expected to be impartial. When they are not, and they haven’t been for years, they can no longer function as the 4th Estate. This becomes a serious problem in a Constitutional Republic. We need a free and independent media—not a leftist, agenda driven group of people who do not care about accurate reporting.

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