The More We Learn, The Worse It Gets

by Jack Watts
Carter Page was a volunteer for the Trump campaign for a month or two—that’s all—but the FISA warrant against him was a Title 1 Warrant and not a Title 7 Warrant. The difference between the two is staggering.
A Title 7 Warrant allows the government to surveil the subject, based on incidental contact with someone suspected of being a foreign spy. Thus, the intrusion into the American’s life is limited.
A Title 1 FISA Warrant is completely different, and this is the one that was sought and obtained. It assumes the subject, Carter Page, was a spy working for a foreign government, and it allows the government to strip him, and everybody in his world, including Donald Trump, of their 4th Amendment right to “unlawful search and seizure.”
This means the Obama administration’s FBI and DOJ, based on the fraudulent Steele Dossier, was able to surveil Trump’s life – past and present – with impunity, and it was all based on paid for opposition research from the Clinton campaign and the DNC. All of this was based on Trump’s limited contact with Carter Page,
Trump’s life, as well as everybody in his campaign, was subject to investigation by the FBI, and none of it was lawful. All of it was a purposeful, intentional fraud originating from the FBI, DOJ, Clinton campaign, and the DNC. The more we learn, the worse it gets.

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