The Next Big Thing

The other day, I bought a new coffee mug, and somehow, it got caught by something else on the table, and it flew to the floor. Water, ice, and mug pieces were in a heap, and with a sigh, I scooped up my new mug and everything else and threw it all in the trash. Today, I started to make my covenant video and the app I have been using updated in the night, removing the ability to create captions. I vain, I searched for tutorials. I was sure there had to be a solution. I have been using the app for months, and it has worked flawlessly. Now it is all changed, and nothing works like it did in the past. Even the record button was different, obligating me to hold it down the whole time I was recording. I huffed and puffed while I searched the web for a new program. When I  finally found one, I discovered it is twice the program I lost. It has unique features and is much easier to work with.

When I took a moment to stop and reflect on the app and my mug, the Lord began to speak to me. Change is inevitable. God said in Isaiah 43, verse 19, that He is doing a new thing. God is the God of new. While He never changes, He is always creating new things for us. Those new things may be something as insignificant as a coffee mug or as devastating as losing a loved one. Regardless, the Lord has told us in His word that the sad days won’t last. It is a promise from God.  He is doing a new thing in your life and mine. He has a new day for our country, a new season for your family, new hope, new promises, new grace, new peace, and new provisions.

The whole world is being updated like my video app. COVID-19, economies, regime changes, hurricanes, fires, and typhoons are no match for God. While it is true that things will never be the same, they just might be better. As a matter of fact, I know they will!  The next big thing to come our way, will be the next best thing!


Isaiah 43:19-Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? AV

Psalm !18:24

This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. AV

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