The Obama/Kerry Iran “Deal”

by Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: In U.S. foreign policy, the Obama/Kerry Iranian Nuclear Deal has proven to be as disastrous internationally, as ObamaCare has proven to be domestically. Essentially, the deal is more like a capitalization to Iran’s desire to be the predominant power in the Middle East, while failing to do the one thing it should have done—make America safer. In fact, it has done the exact opposite.
Fortunately, since neither Obama nor Kerry could get it through the Senate. This means it is not a treaty. It’s an Executive Order. This also means President Trump can nullify it by simply reversing the Executive Order with one of his own—just like he has done with many of Obama’s other Executive Orders.
Even while negotiating the deal to lift Iranian sanctions, the Mullahs never stopped proclaiming, “Death to Israel. Death to the U.S.A.” Despite this, the feckless Kerry and Obama repeatedly told us that the Iranians really didn’t mean it, but they did. Only fools would believe they didn’t.
They meant every word of it, as demonstrated by the fact that they haven’t even slowed down their quest to make nuclear weapons that can destroy Tel Aviv and New York. The only thing the deal accomplished was to lift the sanctions and provide the Iranians with four planeloads of American cash to pay for their worldwide terrorist organizations.
We now know this for a fact, because in a stunningly successful espionage operation, the Israelis have obtained hard evidence that Iran is cheating on their end of the bargain. Despite this, John Kerry, America’s consummate fool, has been engaging in secret negotiations with the Iranians, which he has no business doing. At best, his efforts are ill-advised. At worst, they are treasonous. He is no longer Secretary of State.
President Trump needs to end U.S. involvement with this deal, which he has every right to do, and start over. If Iran refuses, make their lives as miserable as the North Koreans, until they have a “come to Jesus” moment. Remember, our foreign policy goal is to make America safer, as well as our allies in the region, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf State nations.

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