The Pendulum Is Now Swinging in Our Direction

Since November 2020, if you are a God-fearing, patriotic American, each day has been difficult. In horror, we have almost helplessly watched our beloved nation being systematically dismantled by the Hard Left. Equally as difficult has been speaking out against them, as vicious as their rebuttal has been.


Nevertheless, because we love the land of the free and have been unwilling to idly sit by and allow it to slide into Socialistic Communism, many of us have spoken out, paying a heavy price for doing so. This hasn’t bothered people like me though. It’s what we’ve been called to do.


All we desire is righteousness and integrity. Being convinced that Biden was not the people’s choice, we have consistently spoken out against his pro-Chinese, anti-American dictates. Indeed, this Usurper has been disastrous for the USA—not because I say so but because it’s empirically true.


Our goal has been to rectify what happened last November but, in doing so, we have met a stone wall of opposition. The Deep State has done everything in their considerable power to thwart us. In the process, however, we have learned a great deal about just how corrupt our nation has become. We now know that the FBI, CIA, and the DOJ are not really interested in justice or in serving the American people. A year ago, not many would have thought this was true, but we certainly do now. Despite this, we have continued to stand up against their corruption and their tyranny, hoping to somehow achieve justice. Being consistently rebuffed has been very discouraging—that is, until now.


The epicenter of the battle has been in Phoenix, Arizona—Maricopa County. In this purple state, President Trump was very popular, but he lost it by less than 20,000 votes. Smelling something fishy, the state senate, led by Karen Fann, authorized an audit of the results. Fighting militant opposition throughout the entire process, the Maricopa County Board of Elections did everything they could to impede and halt the process, but they have finally capitulated. Cyber Ninjas, the group performing the audit, now has complete access to the routers and the spunk logs. This means we, the American people, at 1 p.m. (PDT) on September 24th, will know exactly what happened in Arizona. When the truth of this indisputable, scientific forensic audit is revealed, I feel certain we will be vindicated, but that’s not all.


This is just the beginning of the pendulum swinging our way. Biden didn’t win Arizona. I suspect he lost it by a wide margin, but the Deep State and the Democrats cheated to make Biden the winner. With the help of some corrupt Republicans, I believe they did the same thing in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and maybe Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire and other states as well.


Having stood firm against the depraved Democrats and RINOs, it’s now our turn. After analyzing the results, we must be militant in our pushback against the corruption that has beset our nation. To do anything less would be a dereliction of our duties as citizens. We don’t just want integrity; we demand it.

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