by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Remaining strong and steadfast in perilous times like these can be very difficult. The Spirit of Deception is powerful in America, but so is the Spirit of Truth that is within us. In fact, God promises us that “greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”
Most of us want to be liked and to avoid unnecessary conflict, but demurring or remaining silent comes at a high price. By not standing for the truth, as we are commanded to do, we allow deception to be normalized so that it eventually becomes the truth.
What I have just stated is not etherial; it’s real, and it impacts us daily. Take the Progressive doctrine of Gender Fluidity for example. They have not only normalized the idea that you can become the sex that you identify with, but they have also militantly championed this nonsense, affirming it as absolute truth. To believe otherwise, as I have just stated, has become a hate crime.
This is how the Spirit of Error operates in our society today. Because they own the truth, and we do not, according to them, to maintain that there is no way to change one’s DNA markers is the statement of someone who is ignorant. People like me who maintain that men are men and women are women, regardless of how they feel about it, are worthy to be mocked, castigated, and shunned. In America, if you state the truth, it comes at a high price.
This is a perfect example of how powerful the Spirit of Deception has become, but it’s just one example. There are hundreds. To remain true to “He who is in us” is becoming increasing difficult, as this Spirit of Deception infects millions in America.

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