The Targeting of Trump

It seems certain that Former-President Trump will be arrested on Tuesday, but what crime has he committed that requires a physical arrest? And what will the end result be?

His alleged crime was paying hush money to Stormy Daniels nine years ago to keep her from going public about an affair they had. Clearly, the money was poorly spent, because she has exploited having sex with him ever since. I suspect Trump wishes he never got involved with her, but he did. Having sex with her was unwise, but it’s not illegal.


That he used campaign money to pay her off isn’t what the money was supposed to be used for, but doing so was a misdemeanor at best, not a felony. Plus, the statute of limitations for prosecuting any misuse of campaign funds has already passed, which nullifies the misdemeanor. With this being true, and it is, what gives the state of New York the power and legitimacy to prosecute Trump for it? How can they arrest him when the misdemeanor no longer exists? This is clearly a violation of his Constitutional rights. Because it is, this makes the prosecution illegal on its face.


It’s only justifiable in the minds of Woke Progressive Prosecutors, not anybody else. Those who know the law are scratching their heads that this is about to happen. Nevertheless, it makes perfect sense to Progressives. They are not interested in justice. They are interested in discrediting Trump. Their end game is to not allow him to run in 2024.


Their strategy, however, is certain to be counterproductive. Because what they are doing is illegal, it will bolster Trump’s popularity, not diminish it. Fools that they are, the Progressives have allowed their hate to trump their judgment—pun intended.