THE WALL Is Our Sovereign Right

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: On TV and the Internet, I have seen dozens of posts informing people that Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and others once supported building a wall on our southern border. The purpose of these posts is to justify building a wall now. When I see these posts and TV clips, I just shake my head.
As American citizens, we do not need to justify building The Wall to anyone—not to the Radical Left, the media, the U.N. or anybody else. Nor do we need anybody’s permission to do so. It is our sovereign right to secure our borders any way we please, so stop apologizing.
With illegals pouring into our nation demanding that we take care of them because they have no money, no education, and no work skills, all we have to d is say, “No.”If we do not stop taking on problems that are not our own, the USA will eventually collapse. We are already $21 trillion in debt. We can’t afford to pay for other people’s problems. We have enough of our own.
We elected a man, Donald Trump, because he promised to fix this problem, but he cannot do it alone. He needs us to remain firm. So, let’s stop apologizing and keep the pressure on to build The Wall. By the way, the steel fence is a good solution. In the hot desert sun, it will be too hot to touch most of the time.

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