The War On The Scriptures

by Karla Perry

The Bible is under assault from the most dangerous source possible. It is not an assault from without, but from within. It is in no danger from unbelievers. It never has been. It has always withstood the pressure from without, but it is another matter entirely when it is from within.

Such an attack as we are currently undergoing, is not from those who wish any harm to the Scriptures or to our faith. Dedicated lovers of Jesus are the source of this new assault. It is more like a virus that has wended its way into our worldview and approach to Scripture than a direct attack.

We have become champions of Jesus who have reduced Scripture to a mere love letter to lead us to our King. We believe we are elevating Jesus properly over Scripture, but instead we are hacking at the roots of the tree while we sit in its branches.

I would say that a new theology is emerging, but the new emphasis is on heart and not mind. Theology is defined as the study of God. What is emerging is not a theology at all. It is more a theo-cardia –a heart driving perspective about God – and we must leave off “ology” because mind is not included. It is not left off as an insult, but as an attempt to properly describe the viewpoint being promulgated. It is now being taught that the Bible is for the heart. It is for our spirituality. It is for our devotions. It is for our relationship with Jesus. It is not for systematic theology, establishing doctrine, nation-building, or thinking.

It is nearly impossible for my word choices to avoid saying a new theology, new way of thinking, new mindset about Scriptures. I avoid it to attempt to be fair in expressing this new way of feeling about the Bible. I also avoid it to make my point that the Bible is for the mind as well as the heart. Certainly, the mind is involved in creating the worldview I am describing. It is impossible for it not to be. We cannot think the Bible is for the heart without believing it to be so in our mind while issuing doctrine that denies it. Logic betrays the faulty thinking.

We have come to understand that Jesus is Truth, and rightly so. But it was the Bible that taught us this truth. God made this known to us by His written revelation. We are now using that very truth to disregard how we came to know this.

If the Bible is not for sound doctrine, establishing us in the truth of his Word, it cannot tell us that Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life. Only a true Bible that communicates to our minds and our hearts can provide the foundation for this knowledge. Only then can we love God with all our heart, MIND, and soul. The Bible speaks to all three.

There is one way to shield ourselves from this virus. It is not to get angry at any theo-cardia’s – we may even be one. We may be one who has seen the Bible as only a devotional tool or a love letter and not as a book that changes our way of living and the way of life for nations. The best way to shield ourselves from this virus, is to simply read the Bible and believe what it says.

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