by Jack Watts

SALT & LIGHT: As a child of God, out of the depth of our being, out of our renewed minds and purified hearts, we also have a duty to be good citizens. This means we must take a stand for Christ in our nation. We have no other option—not if we want to remain true to our calling. We must be light to our fellow Americans and salty seasoning for our cultural values.
Because our nation has strayed from its original purpose, which has been happening for the past half-century or more, we have ceased to be the “City on a hill” for the world to emulate. Having forgotten our foundational purpose, like the ancient Israelites, we have moved away from many of God’s blessings, and we are now wandering aimlessly.
This is why being a patriotic Christian citizen is so important. As Christians, we take the Constitution seriously. We understand that it is the foundation upon which our democracy stands. Additionally, the rule of law is fundamental to who we are as a people. Nobody is above the law, or at least nobody is supposed to be above it. For nearly all of us, these beliefs are deeply held convictions, but we maintain numerous others as well.
We firmly believe that our rights are inalienable and that Almighty God has bestowed these rights upon us. Our forefathers didn’t just conjure them up out of thin air. Because they have come from our Creator, this means the government cannot take our fundamental rights away from us, nor is any governmental entity supposed to be able to infringe upon these rights. They are ours by divine mandate—period. Being inalienable, this ensures that they cannot be revoked or nullified under any circumstances.
Despite this being absolute, our rights are constantly being assaulted, especially by the Progressive Left. Their attack is relentless.
We have numerous inalienable rights. Our ability to worship as we choose, or to not worship at all, along with freedom of speech are the cornerstones for all of our rights. Additionally, we have the right to assemble, to speak our minds, and to bear arms. These rights are intrinsic to who we are as Americans, and each is consistent with our Judeo-Christian value system.
We cherish these rights. They constitute our American way of life and are venerated as sacred beliefs. They are the essence of what makes us American and the specific reason why we are considered to be a special and unique people.
As patriotic Christians, these rights, along with numerous others, constitute the core of our identity. When we hear about American Exceptionalism, our inalienable rights are the foundation upon which our excellence was founded and upon which it has flourished for hundreds of years.
Without these rights, we would not be exceptional in any way other than being wealthy and possessing a strong military. This is how important these rights are, and this will never change—not for those of us who are patriotic Christians. For nearly all of us, we couldn’t stop believing these core values to be true and valid, even if we tried. For us, it would be difficult to imagine America being America without them.
We are called to be different, and being a Christian patriot is part of who we are supposed to be. This means we must rigorously and consistently oppose policies and beliefs that stand in contradiction to God’s truth and to our nation’s heritage.

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