This Post might be too strong for Y’all, but here it is

by Jack Watts

Cabal to Nullify 2016 Presidential Election is Unravelling
COMMON SENSE: As the Mueller investigation comes to a close, 50% of Americans now believe it was a witch hunt, while 37% do not. The poll was taken by USA Today, which is definitely a leftwing publication.
Fifty percent is a startlingly high number, considering all the oxogen the Progressive media has given in support of the Trump-Russian-collusion narrative. The reason why the number is so high is because of us—you and me. Demanding the truth, we have carefully and consistently challenged the nonsense we have been fed, refusing to believe we have been fed chicken salad when we know it has been chicken-you-know-what.
Now, as vindication is at hand, this Deep State conspiracy is about to unravel completely. When it does, and it will, those who have broken the law must be held to account. Just as we have demanded the truth throughout this farce, we now demand criminal prosecution for those who have willfully tried to subvert the 2016 Presidential election. Nothing less will suffice.
Personally, I commit to y’all that I will not let this go. I intend to speak out forcefully about it until the last miscreant is behind bars.

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