To Be Effective, We Must Deal With Generational Deceptions

As Christians, we are the Children of Light. Nevertheless, there are many areas in out lives where deception exists.
Because our most dominant strongholds originated during our early childhood experiences, we can recognize how deeply our deceptions are entrenched. Many of the convictions we cherish about life are simply not true. They are deceptions, destructive convictions that keep us from
viewing the world as God sees it.
We need to understand what God has disclosed in His Word is what establishes reality—nothing else. Anything that varies from His perspective misses the mark. So, when our beliefs differ from God’s revealed truth, this constitutes a deceptive stronghold in our mind. It means we are embracing falsehood rather than developing the mind of Christ. Most of our strongholds originate from the Father of Lies. We’ve learned that it is Satan’s purpose to keep Christians enmeshed in his deceptive entanglements, which effectively prevents believers from experiencing a fulfilled life.
In our generation, the Devil has been more successful at achieving his goal than he has been in many preceding generations. We just seem to embrace lies more readily than those who lived before us. Perhaps this is because we have turned a blind eye to the encroaching godlessness that has come to dominate the Progressive worldview.
Nearly all of our efforts to serve the Lord have been close to futile, primarily because we have been striving to please Him in the power of our own might. Doing so will never approximate God’s supernatural results. For the fruit and gifts of the Spirit to be present, the work has to be done by the Holy Spirit through us. One of our universal deceptions is that we need to be doing God’s work for Him. This is a huge mistake. Instead, we need to enter His rest and allow Him to accomplish His work through us. The difference between the two is substantial.

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