To Their Shame, Bearing False Witness Is Sport to Many of Our Leaders

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: As I have watched the drama unfold concerning the Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, like nearly everybody, I have had numerous emotional reactions to some of the bizarre events, but I don’t think any of these unusual things are accidental. Instead, I believe each has been carefully orchestrated to evoke visceral, emotional responses, rather than any thoughtful consideration of the Judge’s nomination.
There’s a reason why all of this has happened. If Kavanaugh is judged, based exclusively on his qualifications to be a Supreme, buttressed by citizens who have paid attention to the process, the Judge would be confirmed easily—no question about it. He is a brilliant jurist.
But Kavanaugh’s confirmation is not what the Democrats want. They want the exact opposite, and they are determined to get their way, no matter what. Because of this, we find ourselves in a deep emotional quagmire, where emotional irrationality is now championing over thoughtful deliberation. Not being able to destroy Kavanaugh on merit in his hearings, a different strategy needed to be enacted. 
This new strategy is the Democrats “insurance policy” to make certain Kavanaugh is not confirmed. To implement it, two women have come forward; after the hearings were complete, to levy sexual misconduct complaints against Judge Kavanaugh. Both allegations are more than three decades old. 
That neither of these allegations can be substantiated is irrelevant. What is relevant is Kavanaugh may not be confirmed, even though his accusers have no factual evidence to support their “recovered memories.” It’s guilt by intimidation, innuendo, and wishful thinking, coupled with pure malice.
Because Kavanaugh’s defenders—the Republicans—were playing by the rules, they never envisioned anything like this happening. How could they? Nevertheless, after falling all over themselves to accommodate both female accusers for days, with Ramirez deciding she would not testify under oath, the Senate Republicans have finally started to hold their ground, but the damage may have already been done. Kavanaugh may not be confirmed, but even if he is, he has lost his good name and reputation forever. 
The Democrats don’t care that they have hurt Kavanaugh or his family by being devious. They bear false witness routinely. Nevertheless, we need to learn some lessons from what the Democrats have done. First, when they don’t get their way, Democrats don’t play fair. They haven’t for a long time. They are terrible losers. Second, they don’t care about following the rules. All they care about is winning and never losing. 
Three, and by far the most important, this means those of us who oppose the Democrat’s Progressive agenda need to make some fundamental changes. We need to recognize that winning elections does not mean we have the right to lead, with the Democrats being the loyal opposition. They are not loyal. Instead, they are constantly scheming to manipulate the electorate emotionally to further their agenda. This is the best we can expect with them. We need to recognize this and plan accordingly. The bottom line is we must never be caught flatfooted like this again—period!

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