TRUMP Had to Sign the OMNIBUS BILL—Here’s Why

by Jack Watts

Concerning the Omnibus Spending Bill, there are many things about it that I don’t like. A few are infuriating. It also feels like President Trump has chosen to follow the Dark Side, but he hasn’t.
We have several difficult situations internationally, including Russia, North Korea, Iran, and even China. The problem is our military is no longer prepared to defend our nation as completely or as confidently as it would have ten years ago. The reason is Obama gutted our preparedness in favor of funding his Progressive agenda. It’s that simple.
As a result, we have been forced to accept some strategic loses with this bill, by funding programs that clearly conflict with our value system, but all is not lost. Despite numerous moderate setbacks, the funds necessary to reestablish the USA as the world power we have been since World War II have been appropriated. That is a huge victory—one we would never have been able to achieve with Obama or Hillary.
The bottom line is this: Regardless of what has been required to accomplish it, rebuilding our military had to be priority #1 for Trump. He accomplished this, but at a substantial cost. Most Americans take our security for granted. Our Commander-in-Chief cannot. Frankly, that Trump showed the wisdom to look at the big picture, rather than be petulant and peevish about looking bad to all of us, should encourage you.
We have enemies. You know this, but you do not understand the level of danger we face like President Trump does, or General Mattis does, or Secretary of State designate Mike Pompeo does. So, give them some time, some space, and some love. They are working on our behalf—not against us. I promise you they are.

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