by Jack Watts
President Trump did the right thing by refusing to re-certify the Iran Nuclear Deal. It was fatally flawed from day one and should have never been made by the Obama administration.
To begin with, it’s really a treaty, but it was never treated as such. Because Obama knew that the Senate would never ratify such a poor deal, he executed it by Executive Order. This is why President Trump has had to re-certify it every three months.
Second, the deal was completely one-sided, favoring Iran. Even while making the deal, the Mullah’s were proclaiming, “Death to the USA. Death to Israel.” We were told to ignore this by Secretary of State Kerry, but denial of reality is never a good strategy, is it? No, of course it isn’t.
Third, Obama knew the deal was so bad that he sent the four planeloads of cash, $150 billion, to Iran in the middle of the night, without telling anybody. Knowing what the backlash would be, Obama presented Congress and the American people with a fait accompli, while telling us what a great deal he had made. This was utter nonsense.
Fourth, all we received was the assurance, without rigorous inspections, that Iran would not pursue nuclear weapons until 2025, but Israel has just uncovered hard evidence that Iran hasn’t even complied with that. Iran has been cheating since day one.
Obama is a fool and so is his lackey, John Kerry. Trump, on the other hand, is strong, and his Middle Eastern policy is to isolate Iran—not appease it. If you think Trump was wrong to abandon Obama’s poor deal, just as an Israeli or a Saudi what they think about it. Iran wants to keep the deal with our European allies without us, but that will not work. We are the world’s superpower—the world’s only superpower.

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