TRUMP Has Outflanked Pelosi with “The Wall”

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Ironically, by refusing to compromise or negotiate on The Wall, which President Trump has been willing to do, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has backed herself into a wall. By refusing to give more than $1—a taunting insult—Pelosi may please the most radical elements of the Democratic Party, but the longterm ramifications for her and her party will be disastrous.
Unfortunately, federal workers and the American people are being held hostage because of Pelosi’s and Schumer’s obstructionism. Again, this pleases the radicals but nobody else. Even worse, every time an illegal is involved in murder or rape, these needless crimes will be used to undermine Pelosi’s position.
Pelosi, as well as Schumer, are stuck. If they give in, they will lose, and Trump will be reelected, perhaps by a large margin. If they don’t, they will be rightly accused of favoring illegals over American citizens. Again, they will lose. My advise to Pelosi is to give Trump the money he wants in exchange for Dreamers, call it a victory, and move on. The longer this goes on, the worse it will become.
Trump, who is consistently mocked by the Progressive media as being stupid, has demonstrated with this issue just how smart he really is. He has outflanked Pelosi badly, but she’s not smart enough to realized it yet—but she will.

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