by Jack Watts
John Kerry, who crafted the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal, has criticized President Trump’s nullification, saying that America has broken its word. By leaving the deal, Trump has acted dishonorably, according to Kerry, but is this true?
I don’t think so, and here is why. The Iran Nuclear Deal, the JCPOA, is actually a treaty, but neither Obama nor Kerry did the hard work of having it ratified by the Senate as a treaty. Instead, they did an end-run around the Constitution, by refusing to submit the de facto treaty to the Senate as required.
Knowing the Senate would not go along with them, neither Obama or Kerry were willing to submit their ill-conceived deal to them, as they were Constitutionally required to do. This means Obama and Kerry were the ones who did not keep their word to uphold, support, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Kerry and Obama wanted this deal, and they made it, despite being on tenuous Constitutional grounds by doing so.
By establishing a treaty through an Executive Order, the Iran Nuke Deal requires continuous ratification by the President every ninety days. Trump, who did act within his Constitutional authority, simply kept his campaign promise to the American people by not continuing to extend Obama’s Executive Order.
So, in actuality, it was John Kerry and Barack Obama who did not keep their word. Donald J. Trump did. This is the true report, but you will not learn it from the Progressive Leftwing media, will you?

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