by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: President Trump should sign the bill, accept to $1.35 billion for The Wall, and move on. Here’s why:
1. With this House of Representatives, getting anything accomplished will be very difficult. We’re not going to do any better.
2. By signing the bill, it will take this issue off the table for a while and allow Trump to go ahead with construction of The Wall unabated.
3. It will allow the focus of the news to remain on the wacky ideas of the Radical Left—ideas that have now become mainstream beliefs for the Democrats. The more Americans hear about what these people want, the less they like it.
4. All of this will bode well for 2020. Trump stands a good chance to win in a landslide, while simultaneously retaking the House of Representatives.
5. With RBG still not at the Supreme Court, we need to make sure we continue to control the Senate as well. Having another shutdown isn’t worth the price it might cost.

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