TRUMP v MUELLER Equates to a Constitutional Crisis

by Jack Watts

When Robert Mueller began the investigation into Russian collusion, I posted several times that I thought he was honest, ethical, and would be fair. I maintained this view for quite a while, essential hoping that our Department of Justice and FBI would treat the President of the United States fairly. I no longer believe this.
Instead, I am convinced Mueller and his unscrupulous team have one purpose—to nullify the will of the American people by finding some trivial thing to have Trump removed from office. Since there has been no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians, despite an exhaustive investigation to find evidence that he did, Mueller should publicly exonerate Trump, but he won’t. That would strengthen Trump’s hand, undermine the credibility of the mainstream media, and possibly even open up the Clinton campaign to further scrutiny. Mueller certainly doesn’t want to do any of these things, so he is looking into other areas of Trump’s life, hoping to find something to destroy him.
By doing this, he is turning justice upside down.He isn’t investigating a crime; he’s investigating a man, hoping to find a crime, nullifying the Rule of Law, but that’s not all. Since the foundation of his entire investigation rests on the fraudulent Steele Dossier, nothing obtained from it is admissible. It’s all fruit from a poisoned tree. Nevertheless, the hatred for Trump by the Progressive Left is so intense that they will never admit they have been wrong.
Trump’s frustration about this is obvious. By firing his lead council, John Dowd, and not hiring Joe DiGenova, Trump doesn’t really have a lawyer. This creates a serious problem for him. Even worse, he doesn’t follow his lawyer’s advice anyway. All of this will come to a head with the release of Michael Horowitz’s IG Report.
When that happens, Trump will feel vindicated and insist the Mueller investigation cease. Then, the Left will call for impeachment for interference in an ongoing investigation, and we will be headed for a Constitutional crisis. Who knows what will come from it.

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