TRUMP’S “Anchor Baby” Issue May Win the House of Representatives

by Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: By bringing up the subject of “anchor babies” in the past couple of days, President Trump has demonstrated what a masterful political strategist he is. The key to understanding why Trump has done this may seem perplexing to some, but it was actually a stroke of genius. To recognize this, however, you have to connect a few things, which is what I want to help you do.
Let’s start with Judge Kavanaugh. The attempt by the Democrats to derail his nomination unfairly was a strategy that backfired badly. Instead of defeating Kavanaugh, handing Trump a solid defeat, all the Democrats did was energize the base of the Republicans and many fair-minded Independents. Because of Kavanaugh, these offended people have come to the support Republican candidates in the Senate overwhelmingly. The Kavanaugh fiasco made it clear just how important keeping control of the Senate was. Now, after the midterms, it looks like the Republicans will have a majority of about 55-to-45, perhaps even better than that.
Obviously, this strengthened President Trump’s position in the Senate, but the House of Representatives is a different matter. That it would flip to the Democrats has been a foregone conclusion for months, but that may now have changed as well—thanks to the anchor babies’ issue. By simply raising it, Trump has made the issue of illegal immigration the premier news item in the final week of the midterm elections. The media has attempted to connect the mailing of pipe bombs and the Pittsburgh massacre to Trump, making this the final issue, but Trump has outsmarted them by threatening to use an Executive Order to countermand an Executive Order from the 1960s that gave citizenship to babies born in the USA to illegal aliens.
Now, the media is reacting to Trump’s narrative, rather than pushing their own agenda. That Trump would even dare to stop anchor babies has precipitated predictable outrage from the Left and from the media, but it has also brought up how many unscrupulous foreigners are “gaming our system” to use anchor babies and chain migration to enter the U.S.A. unfairly. This is the key. It may be legal at this point, but it is patently unfair, and being unfair infuriates potential voters, who will not forget this just one week before the election.
Now, the topic of conversation in the media is whether or not Trump has the authority to do this, but that’s not the point. Everybody knows that it would be better for Congress to address this issue that it would for the President to legislate by Executive Order, but the only way to do this is by maintaining control of the House of Representatives. So, by raising this issue the way that he did, Trump has sent a strong message to the American electorate that, if illegals are to be stopped, you must vote for your Republican Congressional candidate. Meanwhile, to reinforce this message and this issue, the caravan continues to march toward our southern border, where they will be met by our deployed troops.

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