TRUMP’S Deal with the European Deal Is a HUUUUUUGE Win for USA!

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: With the European Union agreeing to work toward the elimination of tariffs, Trump has masterminded a big win for the USA, but few understand just how big it is. Let me explain.
1. Our trade imbalance with the European Union will begin shrinking almost immediately. This is good for everybody but especially for America. In the long run, it will help us diminish our $20 trillion debt—compliments of Barack Obama and George W. Bush.
2. It is good news for farmers, because Europe has agreed to import soybeans from us. This is very welcome news for farmers who have been hit hard by trade restrictions.
3. By agreeing to use our natural gas—which we liquify, put in tankers, ship to Europe, and de-liquify to heat homes—Trump has stopped Russia’s attempts to dominate Europe with its vast natural gas reserves. If Putin was allowed to control Western Europe’s energy, he would have leverage that would be a threat to NATO and the sovereignty to many nations. Trump stopped Putin’s initiative in its tracks—that’s a fact.
For the USA, what happened ensures our other trade deals will be fair and reciprocal—just as Trump said they would be. While the media has been 24/7 about Michael Cohen’s phone taping, which is not important, they have neglected the geo-political significance of what Trump has just accomplished.
Well played, Mr. President, well played

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