TRUMP’S PLAN Has Merit – Democrats Should Negotiate End of Crisis

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: The rejection of President Trump’s plan to end the border crisis came swiftly yesterday from Pelosi and Schumer—too swiftly in my opinion. What this indicates is these Democratic leaders believe the crisis is working for them politically, and they want to exploit it. Hard line Conservatives, on the other hand, believe Trump is giving away too much.
Most Americans just want order to be restored. They oppose illegal immigration, but they are willing to exchange assurances for Dreamers for real security at the border. The idea that walls don’t work is ludicrous. If that was true, then why do they surround Vatican City, Pelosi’s estate, or prisons.
They do work, but they are adamantly opposed by the most radical element of the Democratic Party, which is who Pelosi and Schumer are trying to appease. This is an unwise position for them to take, which they will learn in the 2020 elections.
Trump has made a good faith offer that needs to be taken seriously. My advise to the petulant duo is to counter with five years for Dreamers and $4 billion for The Wall. If they do, Trump will take it, everybody can claim victory, and the crisis will be remedied. It will not be solved, but it will end a significant part of it once and for all.

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