TRUMP’S Snub of Pelosi Had a Deeper Purpose

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: When Speaker Pelosi essentially disinvited President Trump from giving the annual Presidential State-of-the-Union address to Congress, it was a deliberate snub. The disrespect for Donald Trump was obvious, but so was her contempt for the office of the Presidency. Just days earlier, Pelosi said she was as powerful as the President, which she is not, but she does believe that she is. This false belief has created a significant problem.
While the Progressive media is scolding Trump for being “petty and vindictive” for canceling Pelosi’s trip to Brussels and Afghanistan at the last minute, they have completely missed the underlying message the President just sent to the Speaker of the House. It says, “You may think you are equal in power to me, Nancy, but you are not. Let me demonstrate to you the difference.”
Although furious and humiliated by Trump’s obvious snub, along with the thousands of jokes on the Internet ridiculing her, Pelosi did not have the power to override Trump’s decision. Trump’s tit-for-tat may have seemed un-Presidential to the media, as well as to casual observers, but the underlying message it delivered was definitely Presidential. Trump put Pelosi in her place, which was absolutely necessary. As my dad used to say, “She was getting too big for her britches,”
By standing up to her bullying, Trump may have done the country a great service. Perhaps order will come from it, which we need, but I’m not holding my breath.

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