by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: By the narrowest of margins, five to four, in “Trump, President of the United States vs. Hawaii,” the President prevailed in the Supreme Court.
This was a victory for American sovereignty, for the right of the Commander-in-Chief, regardless of who he or she may be, to do the job that that person has been elected to do, for the rule of law, and for America to determine who has the privilege to come to our nation and who does not.
This ruling should have been 9-0, but it wasn’t. More than anything that has happened since President Trump won the White House, this ruling demonstrates in spades the wisdom of the American people to have repudiated Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. Had she been elected, with the appointment she would have made to fill the seat of Justice Scalia, the decision would have been the exact opposite, and our borders would have been just as open to hostile aliens as they are to our allies in Western Europe. As President Obama said, “Elections have consequences,” and you have just witnesses the profound validity of his statement.
Article II of the Constitution enumerates the powers of the President, and conducting our nation’s foreign policy is chief among them. Currently, it is Trump’s responsibility to keep us safe, which he is now better able to do with the Court affirming his right to keep people out who cannot be vetted properly.
That the Progressive Left is apoplectic about this ruling is a perfect example of why their candidates should be voted down each and every time. Remember this in the coming elections this November. If being safe is a concern to you, then vote for the candidates who will keep fools like Justice Sotomayor from being able to determine our future.

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