Trusting God In The Waiting

by Valerie Bracchi

As I sat with thousands of strangers at a large women’s conference in Dallas, Texas, I heard that still, small voice. 

What happens when God speaks to you about your future and it’s so far out of your imagination that you can’t even perceive it? 

As I gleaned wisdom from the speaker on the stage, the Lord whispered to me, Valerie, this is what you will be doing. I was floored.  I said, me?  I couldn’t even imagine such a thing.  I couldn’t imagine that I, the broken, wounded, woman with a past of disastrous mistakes and traumatic pain would have anything of value to add to anyone else.  How could I be used with the broken and fragmented parts of me that abuse and addiction had left?  I would have nothing of value to say, and I would be disqualified if anyone knew my past.

Recovery and healing came, and I had been walking the path of reprogramming for a while. My career consisted of coaching people one-on-one who were dissatisfied with their lives and who desired change and breakthrough. Some came seeking new adventures such as setting boundaries in relationships, losing those unwanted pounds or launching their own business.  One-on-one meetings felt safer, but on a stage, TV or across radio waves, still seemed unfathomable. He said to me, you don’t have to do anything. It’s my ministry, and I’ll do it all. You just keep saying yes to me. Okay, Lord, I say yes.

I prioritized time with Him. Deep called me, and I knew that I wanted more. I spent more time studying the Word of God, praying, worshiping, and seeking an outside Christian counselor.  I told her I needed to go deeper in my walk with the Lord because I wanted more out of my life. 

Have you ever wanted more in life but didn’t even know where to start?  What I know to be true is that following the leading of the Holy Spirit is an exciting treasure hunt. Knowing Him personally instead of just knowing about Him, makes all the difference and opens the door to extreme joy, fulfillment and purpose.    

I went through a period of time where I tried to arrange opportunities to work on this new calling I had been entrusted with.  This seeming act of obedience was motivated by all of the right things, but I didn’t realize that my timing was out of order. I didn’t grasp the character-building process that that would be required to sustain His plan for my ministry. 

The Lord encouraged me by bringing me opportunities to speak and record TV and radio programs. At the same time, however, He called me to a family season where meeting the needs of my husband and son came first.

He told me in that precious, intimate time with Him was that although I would have a thriving ministry in His Divine timing, the ministry in my home was the most important one.  First things first.

I have learned that God is a God of order, and we are blessed when we keep it.  When we are out of order, we are set up for failure and heartbreak.

The reason this is important is because in addition to media, one of the mountains I am called to is family.  In the process of restoring my family, God began ministering to the hearts of my husband and my son as well as mine. He showed me that if I will be aligned with His will, He would work in the hearts of my family members in His perfect timing and in His perfect way. As I am faithful and obedient keeping my home ministry first, he is enlarging my platform in the mountain of media.

Friends, let’s be honest here, most of the times, God doesn’t work in our timing.  Jesus has a gentle way of equipping and preparing us before we can go to our next level. 

Even if you feel like you know what your next level is, He always has even greater plans for you, your family, and your ministry than you can even imagine. 

Let us be full of wonder and expectation.  Let us enjoy and honor the season that we are in and not force the next season. 

When we rush the beautiful process that God is doing in our lives, we are stealing joy from today. We are sabotaging future success and longevity.  He won’t take us to a higher place unless a stable, fortified foundation is built first. 

Trust where you are. Be faithful and obedient where He has you. Keep preparing for where He is taking you. God’s Word never returns to him void, and He will do what He has promised to do. 

In the wilderness seasons, when I could barely hang on, I would remember  Romans 11:29. The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.

When you are walking in obedience putting Him first, your calling can’t be taken away from you. Obedience is the key that opens the door.

Don’t lose heart whatever you do.  The enemy of your soul would come to tell you it’s too late.  It’s already been done.  You don’t have anything different.  Your time is over.  We must be careful with the agreements because whoever we are agreeing with, has the power in our mind. 

Believe what the Lord says about you.  Believe what He says about Himself. 

Declare the promises of God out loud to your situation.  Be prepared in season and out and surrender your ministry, your family and your life over to His care saying:

Lord, I trust your timing. 

Enlarge my territory.

Use me for your Holy purposes in the earth.

I know that you have a good plan for me.

Your ways are higher than my ways.

I say YES.

My story is for your glory.

Valerie Bracchi




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