Unveiled newness through the eyes of faith – March 8th Devotional

by Stephanie Lacy

Behold I have made all things new. But can you see this? Can you give yourself permission to see with the eyes of my spirit? What is first seen through the eyes of faith gives permission to be seen in the natural. My faith is my gift to you beloved. It is my grand gift I give to you. My higher law is faith, which stands above time and space. Your faith in Me can tell time what it will do. There isn’t a sizeable blockade that can withstand the one who walks in my great faith. Did I not say that you could speak to a mountain and tell it to throw itself into the sea and see it move? This was with only the faith the size of a mustard seed! Give yourself permission today to see Me as I am. I am God. I created the heavens and the universe. I created you. I am doing a new work inside of you. See that it is easy for me to fix the problem. It is easy for me to provide what is needed. It is so easy for me to heal all illness. It is all easy for me. But my child, it is your faith in me that I care about more. Because when your faith is aligned in me, it grants me legal access to show up and show out in your life. You know you can ask me for increased faith right? You may have asked me for wisdom, but have you asked me for increase in faith. I answer those who ask of me. Don’t you know it is my sincere pleasure to have a conversation with you? Even if you it is only that just need something, I long to answer you. But I say to you this day, see newness in all those darkened doorways in your life. Dare to see with the eyes of faith and watch me move magnanimously on your behalf. I am God.

Scripture application:  Ephesians 1, 2 Corinthians 5:6-7, Matthew 8:26, Matthew 17:20, Matthew 9:22, Matthew 15:28, Mark 10:52, Acts 15:8-9

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