VENEZUELA: All Hell Is about to Break Loose

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Yesterday in Venezuela, Juan Guaido, who opposes the dictatorial regime of Maduro, claimed to be the legitimate President of Venezuela. The United States and Canada immediately recognized Guaido’s legitimacy. In retaliation, Maduro ordered our diplomats out of Venezuela in 72 hours.
The clock is ticking. My guess is that President Trump will order our ambassador to stay. Why would Trump do that? The answer is simple. Since we do not recognize Maduro to be legitimate, we should not acquiesce to his orders. If Maduro tries to take our embassy forcibly, there will be fierce retaliation, but why is any of this important? Who cares?
We do, or at least we should. Here’s why. The caravans of illegals coming from Central America have been financed by the Maduro regime, not George Soros, as most falsely believe. Getting rid of Maduro, once and for all, will cut off the head of the snake that is plaguing our southern border. Also, with Maduro gone, there will be another example of how Socialism has failed. So, pay attention to what is happening in our southern hemisphere.

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