Waking to my unfailing love – March 5th Devotional

by Stephanie Lacy

Let me be your first thought as you awaken to this new day with me. Feel my breath upon you bearing forth-new life into your lungs. Beckon to hear my sweet song over you. I call forth the trumpeters to surround you and sound joy round about you. Take hold of my hands and gaze into my radiant smile over you. It is my pleasure to envelope you in my favor this day. There isn’t anything I want to withhold from you for your good. I am a good Father. I mean to prosper you just as your soul prospers. Let me first prosper your soul so that your soul can be the conduit for what is prosperous to flow forth. Rise from that place of rest in me to move forth in all blessing step by step. Hold onto me as you move in and out of the currents of your day. When you are weak ask me to lift your countenance. For, I am your countenance. The only expression you need is of mine own. Allow me to thrive within you. Let your heart and mind be as my garden. I restore daily. When you are hungry ask me to fill you. It is my desire to give you fresh bread and even far better than the manna I granted my children in the wilderness. I hold with me all that is cleansed and made holy, perfect in fact. Ask me to fill you with my thoughts of you. Let my words dwell in you. Decide to stay in my river of peace this day and fret not, for there is no benefit in this. Awaken and arise with Me. I am your portion.

Scripture application: Read Song of Solomon 8, Isaiah 26:1-4, Psalm 37:3-6, Psalm 125:1-2, Psalm 31, Psalm 141:8, Romans 15:13

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