War For The Soul Of America

by Jack Watts
There is a war raging for the heart and soul of America. It’s a spiritual battle that is being fought politically and culturally. The sides are clearly drawn between traditional, patriotic conservative Christians and the Progressive globalists, whose worldview is decidedly secular.
We are being led by Donald Trump. He is a warrior. Like nearly all warriors, he is flawed—significantly flawed—but his fierceness, courage, and resolve are so strong that they far outweigh his shortcomings—at least for traditional, patriotic conservative Christians like us. He is our champion, warts and all.
This is why 81% of Evangelicals voted for him in the last election. That four-out-of-five believers would support Trump may be shocking to some, but not to me. It should have been nine-out-of-ten, or even more than that.
Since his election, our opponents have done everything they can do to nullify his victory, while simultaneously opposing every decision he has made while in office. Despite their malice, America is indeed becoming great again, both financially and as the world’s only superpower.
But the war is not over, nor is our victory even assured. Because of the militancy of the Progressives, the fecklessness of our elected leaders, and the malignant corruption that infects our governmental bureaucracy, the future of the United States remains in doubt.
This is why Evangelical Christians, Roman Catholics, the Orthodox, and religious Jews must remain strong and steadfast. We must be fervent in prayer, as we ask Almighty God to stand with us, which He will, but we must also do our part. We must not abandon our principles, our values, or our beliefs—not ever, not for any reason.
Our adversaries are looking to the elections of 2018 to reverse our gains and to reinstitute their New World Order agenda. The are convinced they can retake both Houses of Congress, but their goal cannot be achieved, and it will not be achieved, if we fulfill our role. We must be salt and light to America. If we stand strong and remain true to our convictions, we will defeat the Progressives in 2018 and in 2020 as well. Remember, “Greater is He who is in us, than he who is in the world.”
I will remain strong and true to everything I believe and know to be true. I promise that I will. Will you join me?

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