Watts Up

For those of us who have supported President Trump, the dramatic turnaround in our economy is all we need to know to realize we made the correct decision in supporting him, but his accomplishments have been much more significant than economic. The threat of ISIS has diminished greatly. Regulations have been significantly curtailed, and Trump’s tax bill has been a major achievement, providing enormous relief to average Americans.
Nevertheless, none of this means anything to those who hate Trump. To them, a strong economy simply means Trump has been successful at exploiting others. Since America is an imperialist nation, we do not deserve the wealth we have. People like these champion Obama’s policies of “taking the United States down a notch or two.” They believe this heart and soul and proclaim it consistently—just as long as it doesn’t adversely impact their entitled lifestyles.
These people do not want America to heal, nor do they want America to be great again. Resolving our societal problems is the last thing they want. They thrive on discord, enmity, and division. For people like us, the Deplorables, this doesn’t make any sense, but to those who nurture bitterness, grievances are absolutely necessary. They thrive on conflict.
We may want unity, but it will remain elusive. You can count on it. Progressives will not allow it—not any time soon.

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