We Were Meant To Be

by William Worrell

Pastor Tim Lambert smiled at me and asked, “Well…Are you ready?” And I nodded yes. It was time to enter the sanctuary. We took our places on the platform and gazed out at the congregation of smiling faces. Then, the wedding song began. And the most lovely of ladies began to walk down the aisle. And for a brief moment, I was “time traveling.”

It was another July day. At another wedding. It was July 19th of 1980. And two 28 year olds were making the leap into matrimony. And the most beautiful woman I have ever seen was walking down the aisle coming towards me. Truly, an angel dressed in white. We made it thru the wedding. Then thru the reception. And we were finally alone. Two wonderfully happy people. And before we knew it, we were having our first anniversary.

And seemingly over night, Anne was telling me we were going to have a baby. Nine months flew by presenting us with a daughter. Later, we had a son. The joy was quickly exchanged for child academy. No. Not a school for the children but rather the school of life for mom and dad in learning child rearing skills. Don’t get me wrong. We have the best kids in the world.

As the years pass, the challenges of life increased. Every couple is faced with the challenge: Keep Jesus in the center and the pressures of life on the outside. Five years turns to ten…and ten turns into twenty. Then the storm began…finally leaving the ship of marriage tattered and sinking. Divorce.

There’s a saying: Time heals all wounds. Time only helps you forget the hurt. God has a way of helping you deal with the hurt. One phrase I came to learn in counseling: You can’t heal if you don’t feel. And as the months passed…. I began to see and to feel differently. And I began to allow myself to live again. Years later, at a place called Faith Alive, I was to walk thru another heart break as a church was shattered due to wrong choices. Yet because of what I had been through, I was able to help bring healing to broken and shattered lives. As my time came to an end at Faith Alive, a friend invited me to his church: Christian Embassy International Church.

My first visit to Embassy was on a Wednesday night. The worship was good. The word was incredible. And after service, I learned it was reunion time. I met friends I had not seen in quite awhile. One brother told me, “I knew you’d wind up here soon or later!” Finally, as friends drifted away, Pastor Lambert came over to me and we met officially. And I noticed a strange feeling in my heart: one of belonging. And I suddenly discovered, I had found my new home fellowship.

As the seasons passed, one day in worship I heard, “Its time to do the magazine.” And David Laylor and I began to work towards launching We Connect Magazine. One morning while preparing to go visit a church and share about the magazine, I received a text. It simply said: I’m coming to your church. It was from my ex-wife. And my heart leaped. So, I made some phone calls and headed out to Embassy. When I arrived at church, every seat was taken…even in the balcony. So I went in the audiovisual booth. David Laylor looked at me and said, “Sit down. Be quite. Listen.” Pastor was speaking on “Matters of the Heart Matter”. After service, I went down to find Anne. I found her experiencing the same thing I had of meeting past friends. She then turned around and saw me. And we were both speechless. We hugged and began talking. Right about then Pastor Rodica strolled over and said, “You two look like you were made for each other.” I looked at Anne. She looked at Rodica and said, “Well, we were actually married for 20 years” And pastor looked like “what have I stepped into.” I walked over to Pastor Tim to bring him over. He inquired as to who this was. And I said my ex-wife. And he said, “Oh my” Well, That evening Bill and Anne went out to dinner.

“Brother Bill?” I looked up into Tim Lambert’s eyes. “Do you take Anne to be your wife?” And I answered with a bit more than Yes this time, “Yes. Indeed absolutely I do!” And we were married! Again! And I finally came to know what is meant by the verse I have asked countless pastors who could not give an answer. “Therefore, whom God has joined together let NO MAN put asunder.” God hates divorce. And HE specializes in restoration. Anne and myself were a picture of what Jesus did. He came to restore.

We were married for twenty years. Divorced and apart for fourteen years. Now married again! And what HE did for US… He can do for YOU!

By the way: Happy Anniversary Anne! ! !


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