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At We Connect Magazine It’s our mission to connect with as many of you as we can. Why? Because there is a joint mission—or commission—we are all called to do: Go and make disciples of all nations. And that’s not something an individual can accomplish alone. Even the word—a lone—is descriptive of smallness, weakness and unproductiveness. That’s the reason we form teams. Remember the marketing acronym: Together Everyone Achieves Much.

Therefore, we seek to connect. There are many forms of connections. And we find them everywhere. A number of connections are termed interconnections. And we find these interconnections within the Seven Mountains. For example, there is the subcategory within the mountain of Business of Human Resources. When look we at subcategories in Education, we find human resources there too. And if we examined media, we would find the same thing there.

Some of you ask how do you form connections. Its simple. When at work, or school or on the Internet…An offer of interaction is a connective moment. If in person? Extend the hand and meet someone equaling a connection. The seven-mountain mandate is really a mode of covert evangelism. Another view is relational evangelism.

The seven mountains idea is really quite simple: in our culture there are Seven Mountains (think of them as “spheres” or simply “areas”) of influence. These seven spheres influence every aspect of our culture. In essence, society is changed and transformed through these 7 mountains.

Every nation appoints ambassadors and envoys to represent its interests to other nations. The Kingdom of heaven is no different—since it IS the Prototype of kingdoms. God chose to communicate the message of His Kingdom throughout the earth not through religious people but through personal representatives. The bottom line? God chose to proclaim His Kingdom through the employment of ambassadors—or Regents. A Regent is a political appointee whose job is to represent and speak for his or her home government before the rulers of other countries. In the eyes of those rulers, the word of an ambassador/regent is the word of the government that he or she represents. Good ambassadors never speak their personal opinions, but ONLY the official policies of the government that appointed them.

The Lord Jesus said,” I do only those things I see my Father doing.” For us, we do and speak only as directed by the Word Of God—The Policy Manuel for Foreign affairs. Therefore assume you position as ambassador and regent. Its right here I have many folks say, “Yet I’m not a preacher or pastor!” God never stated there was a difference between sacred and secular. The Hebrew word Avodah is the root word having the same meaning as work and worship. Your assignment in the marketplace is also your place a service within the seven mountains. You may be a teacher. You may be an accountant or carpenter. Father God sees our work as worship. And I guarantee you someone in the workforce has seen a difference in how you conduct your life and how you apply yourself to your trade. That’s called influence. And that’s how we make a difference.

We’re going to be addressing how to rise to the level of excellence in your field and how to have more influence there as well. By allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you and flow thru you, God uses you to awaken the destiny in the hearts and lives of others. That’s the whole 7-mountain premise. Take back the ground the enemy has taken….. Go to the enemy’s camp and take back fallen ground…

In the coming issues, we’ll be adding more sections and components to the publication. We’ll be adding a music section. You’ll be seeing more ministry sharing in either print or audio-visual. We’ll be offering up-close views of each mountain and the work going on in those venues, the problems being experienced and how others have become successful. Each division will be geared in strengthening our readers and partners as well as bringing influence to that particular sphere and area of concern.

And if there is something you would like to see added, please let us know! Reach and connect with us so we can know your concern and desire of content.
Help us make this the best publication we can.

It’s our goal to connect faith, business and community—and we have a large community! Remember: when we connect, we maintain the unity!