We’ve Been Hosed Again

Like most of you, this has been a difficult week. Fully expecting a “Red Tsunami,” when it never materialized, it was quite a blow. It felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. All of the air felt like it had been sucked right out of me. It was like all of our efforts to retake the USA from darkness and depravity had been in vain. Our very best efforts were valueless. It felt like all we were doing was pissing into the wind.


Then, as the ballots in many key elections were delayed by days, it began to feel like 2020 was happening all over again, with nearly every close race being won by Democrats. Soon, I realized that our efforts had been good enough. We won the elections handily—52 million votes for our candidates while the Democrats only had 47 million for theirs, but winning the vote wasn’t nearly good enough, not when the Democrats have focused their efforts on winning the count.


Because we play fair and believe in the American system of choosing leaders heart and soul, we expect the other side to do so as well, but this isn’t how Democrats think. For them, if they aren’t cheating, they don’t believe they’ve been trying hard enough. Playing fair is for suckers like us, not for them. This is exactly who they are, but that’s only part of their strategy.


Once their mischief has commenced, using Dominion machines, mail-in ballots and vote harvesting to accomplish their goals, they unleash their warriors in the media to begin gaslighting us, telling us how honest the election has been. The duplicitous media has been working overtime, systematically doing everything in their considerable power to shame us into believing that a lie is the truth, shaming is for having the audacity to question what we have been able to plainly see with our eyes.


Now that it is one week later, exactly like what happened in 2020, I’m not discouraged. I’m enraged—not just with the cheating Democrats but with the Republicans for allowing it to happen to us again. Shame on them. They should have been much more circumspect than they’ve been.


Our election system is badly broken—broken beyond repair. To fix it, every state must return to paper ballots that have registrations numbers on them corresponding to an actual voter. We must also abandon ballot harvesting completely. We’ve been robbed twice, maybe more than that. We simply cannot ever allow this to happen again.