What Does The Kingdom Look Like In The Marketplace?

7 Key Steps You Can Take To Immediately Start Bringing The Kingdom To Your Place of Business

By: Cyndi Houser

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven…” Matt 6:9-13

 Do we even know what Jesus meant when He told us that’s how we should pray?

 Is Heaven available now? And, if so, do we have a responsibility to work in concert with the Lord to bring Heaven to earth as the prayer says?

 Was The Lord’s Prayer just meant to be some flowery words we recite by rote, without meaning?

 I don’t believe that it was! I believe that it was meant to be a decree!

 And, if we are to work with God to fulfill the assignment of bringing Heaven to earth, then what does that even look like?

 My husband and I co-own and run a couple of businesses. One of those businesses is a real estate brokerage. On November 18th we interviewed and hired an agent named Robert. Robert is in his early 40’s. He’s bald with a big scar on his head. He had mentioned during our interview that there is quite a story behind his scar. He seemed very open to sharing so when we returned to our office to process the necessary paperwork, I asked him to tell us his story. 

 I won’t go into all of the details of his story. I’ll save that for another time. What I will say is that he was serving our country overseas when he was hit over the head with a baseball bat by one of a group of men who were looking for trouble. He says that he knew he was dying. That it’s true what they say; your whole life really does pass before your eyes. Just before the bat was cracked over his head an audible voice told him to turn around. The voice was not human. Had he not turned around, the bat would have hit him in the front of his skull and killed him.

 He moved to a nearby wall to lean up against it and rest…to die. It was then that he saw what he is positive was an angel. The angel told him he would be okay. And he was. 

 For many years he had seizures, but one day, when his grandmother wouldn’t stand for it any longer, she said, enough! And from that point forward he has never had another seizure!

 My assistant Linda has worked with me for over 8 years. We’re close with everyone on our team so my heart was greatly moved when I found out that her husband, Dennis, had been diagnosed with cancer in his bones. In five places in his body actually. 

As we often do, we decided to pray upfront in the reception area of our office. Because I believe that you don’t just go thru something for yourself, and that you have a bigger anointing to help someone through something similar to what you went thru and overcame, I asked Robert how comfortable he would be praying for Linda’s husband. It was, after all, his first day meeting all of us. He was completely open to it and did so with fervency!

What we didn’t know at the time we prayed was that Dennis had not only been diagnosed with cancer in 5 places in his body, but he’d also been told that, even with aggressive treatment, 3 years was the best he could hope for.

Just a short while later Dennis’ CAT scan results were in and his primary care physician called him to tell him that there was NOTHING on them! Not one single thing! Not one single bit of cancer showed up. She was baffled. She reviewed the results over and over and over again. The oncology doctor reviewed them as well, and found exactly the same thing!

THIS is what the Kingdom looks like in the marketplace.

This is meeting people’s needs before we begin to tell them about our Jesus, and about our church. Because, let’s face it, they may never make it inside the 4 walls of our church, and we might be the only Jesus they ever meet.

This is, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven….”

Is there sickness in Heaven? Is there lack in Heaven? How about back-biting? Can someone take something from you that God has ordained as yours?

Over the next several months I’ll be giving you 7 key steps you can take to start immediately bringing the Kingdom to your place of business, beginning with:

K-now what the Bible says about Heaven and the Kingdom and align your thoughts accordingly.

We’ve got concepts of the nature of God that are based on our past disappointments, rather than revelation. We often assume, because of past hurts, that is just the way things are. We assume that maybe God just wants us suffer, or to be poor. We say things like, “Maybe it just isn’t God’s will for me to have these things I’ve dreamed of. To own the business I’ve always wanted, or to travel to other countries and minister.”

Jesus is perfect theology! He modeled something for us-He showed us what Heaven looks like. Our assignment is to bring the reality of His world into this one!

Let’s move forward and be who God has called us to be. Let’s actually rise to who He says we are in Him!

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