Where Will We Be in Twenty Years?

From the time the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620 and the Puritans founded Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1629, a unique undertaking began in the New World. By the time the USA was established following the Revolutionary War, the belief was already being stated that America was “a city on a hill” for the rest of the world to replicate. That foundational purpose has remained ever since.


From our inception, one of our core beliefs was this: the USA would be a “melting pot,” where people from all over the world could come to fulfill their destinies. As part of our value system, we believed that every human being should be treated equally. We fought a bloody Civil War to ensure that this would be true. Moreover, nobody in the USA would be above or below the law. For two-and-one-half centuries, these values, and a well-established Judeo-Christian work ethic, have made the USA the envy of the Free World.


This is who we have been, but it is no longer who we are. We have changed. Rather than advocating individuality and American exceptionalism, we have become the champions of mediocrity. Being the best is no longer the goal citizens strive to achieve.


Rather than continuing to be a melting pot, we now divide people based on skin color, gender and sexual preference. The idea of being a melting pot is scoffed at. Instead, a new racism has emerged.


In the third decade of the twenty-first century, being anti-white is not only acceptable but dogmatically applauded. To be accepted by the “in crowd,” repudiation of White Privilege is required, but even this isn’t good enough. Because being white is, by nature, repressive, there is nothing a white person can ever do to be a valued member of society, not in Progressive America. Being white is inherently evil.

By contrast, being black or brown is inherently good. To be a person of color means one has, by nature, been oppressed. It good to be resentful about this oppression, so lashing out against whites is perfectly acceptable.


Castigating America and refusing to be patriotic is a natural byproduct of the Woke Progressive belief system, so is being bitter about everything this nation has ever stood for. America, and everything in it, is evil in this twisted worldview, but contempt for patriotism isn’t the only thing that is being assaulted.


So have Christian norms and family values. Both have also been cast aside in favor of legitimizing degeneracy, perversion and corruption. If you espouse a patriotic Conservative Christian viewpoint, you are close to being an enemy of the state. To espouse Christian values, especially where sexuality mores are concerned, is to invite a verbal rebuke. Because verbalizing a Christian position has become hate speech in the new USA, most fear to do it.


I have not overstated this. I have not engaged in hyperbole. This is exactly who we have become, but it will not be where we stay for long. There’s a reason for this. What made America strong is our unity. “Out of many, one” isn’t just a saying. It’s who we have been and what has made us strong. It has made us the envy of the world, but this is no longer true of us.


We have become a divided, fractured nation. Perhaps we are beyond repair. One thing I know for sure. We will not be able to survive Woke Progressivism much longer. It will destroy us and the process will not take long. In twenty years, there will still be ice caps, but there may not be a United States of America.