by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: I am fine with shutting down the Southern Border, but here is how I would suggest President Trump goes about doing it. Before taking action, he should give Congress one week to come up with a solution, but not one day longer. If they grandstand instead of work, close it. If the border must be closed, here is how to do it.
1. Close the border to all pedestrians and automobiles headed north, but allow southern traffic to continue.
2. Only allow 18-wheel trucks through, but inspect each.
3. Offer guest passes for migrant agricultural workers only. They are needed to harvest crops.
4. Simultaneously, cut off as much financial assistance as is legally possible for illegals in the USA.
5. Use the foreign aid appropriated for these countries to deal with housing those who are here illegally, but do not release them into the country.
6. Make 1,000 lawyers interim judges to try these cases on the spot, returning nearly all to their home countries.
The economic hit for the USA will be significant, but not nearly as devastating like it will be to Mexico.
It’s time we took control of our nation and stop this open-border nonsense cold in its tracks.

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