Yes, “LOCK THEM UP,” but Who Should Be Incarcerated?

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: I agree with the crowd in Grand Rapids. “Lock Them Up,” but who exactly should be incarcerated. To know this, it’s important to differentiate between political opponents who have done nothing illegal and those who have attempted a soft coup to nullify the 2016 election. Let me help with this.
To begin with, at the time the Mueller Report was delivered to Attorney General Barr, 42 percent of Americans believed President Trump colluded with Russia, making him a traitor. Most of these duped people believed this fervently. It was a tenet of faith in their Progressive worldview, so realizing they have been deceived is very difficult for them. They not only need to accept this intellectually, but they also need to accept it emotionally, which is much more difficult to do. Nevertheless, because nearly all of them are salvageable, we must be patient with them. The fields are white for harvesting.
Second, there are many unpleasant people like Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff. Although difficult, none of them, or others like them, are guilty of anything. They just used the Collusion Narrative to their political advantage, which is now coming back to haunt them. They need to be clearly differentiated from the criminals.
This leaves the third group of perhaps 100 people or so. These are the ones who have known from the beginning that there was no collusion. They knew because they cleverly and willingly fabricated an intricate plot to force President Trump out of office. What they did was a criminal conspiracy and treasonous. They must be ferreted out, charged, tried, and imprisoned. If they are not, and if they do not pay a heavy penalty for what they have done, this will happen again at some time in the future.
There are those who believe we should just move on and let this entire fiasco go, but I disagree. For justice to prevail, and for faith in our democratic institutions to be restored, we must “Lock Them Up” for a long, long time. Convene a grand jury, and let the process begin.

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