YHVH, His Rule of Law and His Kingdom

From the beginning, Elohim has called out a people from within a people. YHVH revealed Himself and sought relationships with individuals, households, and their descendants.

Adam, Seth, Enoch, Methuselah, Noah, Melchizedek, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are to name a few. It was to Abraham that Elohim promised a descendant from his own loins. It was through Isaac and subsequently Jacob that Elohim formed a nation people, Yisrael. He further sought out those from among the nations those who are called by His Name.

From before the foundations of the earth and the creation of Eden, YHVH has demonstrated His constant and sovereign keeping of those He has called to Himself and continuing to establish the foundations of His Kingdom. YHVH’s “Rule of Law” of His Kingdom is expressed in its character, definitions and values in the Torah, the Scriptures, His teaching, and instruction.

At Mount Sinai He formed the Nation People Israel upon whom He chose to place His Name. Birthing this nation people of the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob YHVH adjoined within them the mixed multitude. Elohim established His “Rule of Law” setting laws of order in relationships, commerce, social order, moral code, international relations, governmental rule, and military order. Within this “Rule of Law” He set an order of relationship and worship directly with Himself. In this “Rule of Law” all of these were intricately linked one with the other. Linked so intricately that to love Elohim was to love your neighbor and to love your neighbor was to love Elohim. To honor in love your neighbor was to announce not only their value, but also to emphatically declare their Creator. To love YHVH with all your heart, your soul, mind, and strength, YHVH states is to keep YHVH’s commandments, His teaching and instruction, His Torah, His “Rule of Law.”

The “Covenant” this “Constitution” this “Ketubah Marriage Contract” which was exchanged between YHVH and this “Nation People” at Mount Sinai is a binding cord between YHVH, His Nation People and His Kingdom. The “Torah” the teaching and instruction of Elohim, the scripture, is the revelation of Elohim’s Kingdom order, definition and its universal character and presence. Elohim from creation in progressive unveiling revelation of Himself and His Covenant made known to mankind His Person, Sovereignty, and Kingship as Creator and Sustainer of all that is and all that is not. In and through His “Torah,” teaching and instruction, His “Law,” YHVH conveys, reveals, unveils, and establishes the “derek,” the way, the path, by which mankind comes to know YHVH.

In religious circles much is made of this word “Law.” Often it is held in a negative way and at all costs avoid it by setting it off as adversarial. YHVH throughout the scripture texts does not agree with such a disposition. Psalms 119 would be a wonderful place to start for a reader of truth to see what YHVH says of His own teaching and instruction, the Torah/Law.

Jeremiah 21:8 “You are also to say to this people, “This is what YHVH says: ‘Behold I set before you the (derek ha-khayim) way of life and the (derek ha-mawet) way of death.”