By Losing in Court, Trump Will Win with Voters

COMMON SENSE: For a large plurality of the American populace, including me, we believe in our judicial process so fervently that we are convinced justice will inevitably be served, but this is not what will happen in Manhattan. Far from it, what is being done to Donald Trump is a planned, calculated, malicious scheme to destroy his candidacy for President of the United States. To help make this scheme more plausible, the Judge, the D.A. and the Biden team of prosecutors have leveraged our belief in the American system of justice to their advantage.

There is nothing fair or equitable about what is happening in Judge Juan Merchan’s courtroom. This is a hit-job pure and simple, with a guilty verdict having been predetermined. They want to make Trump a criminal, even though the case against him proves that he isn’t. Trump continually says that what is happening is a disgrace, and he is right. More than that, it’s also un-American.

Whether you love Trump or hate him is irrelevant. What is happening to him goes against every value generations of Americans have fought to protect.

This prosecution, born out of malice, has pursued one objective, to destroy Trump’s credibility with the American people, perhaps to take his freedom away from him as well. To even the casual observer, the inequity in the courtroom has been clear.

The purveyors of injustice believe they are winning, but they are not. When the referee in a sporting event uses a bad call to determine the outcome, every viewer becomes enraged. Americans hate cheaters. Merchan is such a cheat. Even those who hate Trump, except for the militantly evil, don’t like what’s happening.

There will be two verdicts. Trump will lose in the courtroom, but he will be the overwhelming victor in the court of public opinion. Just wait and see. I know I’m right.