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First Man’s Big Mistake

by Jack Watts While I was in graduate school at Baylor and Emory, I wrote many papers, some of which were published in scholarly journals. Nearly all involved different periods of American history. Each was scrutinized mercilessly by my peers, and I had to defend every word I wrote.   During seminars, the worst error…

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Strong Case for VidAngel

Frontline Hollywood Legal Mind Makes a Strong Case for VidAngel  By Diane Howard, Ph.D., Contributing Writer Vital culture issues are at stake in a current Hollywood case. In an exclusive interview with David W. Quinto, it is clear that he is defending a critical case with essential issues for consumers and our culture, as he…

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Media, Truth and Consequences 2

As I began to ponder on this once again I realized how difficult is to discipline yourself to remove these distractions from our lives. Sometimes I absolutely hate what I hear and see in the television these days. Even the radio has subtle songs that make us feel a certain way or remind of a…

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Media, Truth And Consequences

I was praying and pondering on what to write on this Mountain of Media today and a funny thought came to mind. What if we completely concentrated all of our listening and viewing during the day to total Godly things? What changes would transpire? What thoughts would alter? What habits would disappear? I did this…

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Into the Curious World of Theater

Cindy Noble “Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice upon finding herself in a strange world after descending down the rabbit hole. So, too, was my experience working onstage and behind the scenes with local theater troupes. Like Alice, I did not anticipate what I found down the rabbit hole. Either I had forgotten what theater was…

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Stepping out and Standing UP

Juanita Williams So, here it is, my first article. That’s kind-of crazy because, I am not a writer. Up until recently, I would have told you that an article is a piece of clothing. My, how things can change. I was asked to write about what I do. Of course if you asked my husband,…

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