Media, Truth And Consequences

I was praying and pondering on what to write on this Mountain of Media today and a funny thought came to mind. What if we completely concentrated all of our listening and viewing during the day to total Godly things? What changes would transpire? What thoughts would alter? What habits would disappear? I did this one time for 3 years. I gave up television and did nothing but work at the hospital and come home to solitude where I studied and prayed the Word of God. Such great changes transpired. First I felt different, purified somehow of the world and all of its lures and enticements. I felt more centered in my heart as to what I pondered on. I was so freed from all the negative and awful announcements constantly blasted all over the world, Things so ugly and devastating. I was becoming more like the person I believe God wanted me to be from the beginning of time. I felt closer to him and became more sensitive to his promptings. I also became more sensitive to others and their needs. It wasn’t until I go married did I go back to listening and watching the Media through the lenses of Worldly men and women. I have freedom all day once more to do this now. So yes my television is not turned on during the day. I learned years ago that somehow the enemy can deceive us through movies and soap operas. Anything that was lacking in my marriage would be exposed through watching actors living out my dreams on the set and me realizing that I didn’t have some of those desires met yet. Then I would become resentful to my spouse and it would cause a hardness of heart. So I resolved not to watch them during the day at all. It is so much more peaceful just to listen to Godly music or to read a good bible based book and feed my spirit instead.

You see I believe through many years of seeking for peace and joy in my life that there are simple principles we should uphold and therefore receive the answers to our greatest desires within. I desired even as a child to do Media but through the course of my life I didn’t know how to get there. So in my pursuit of the Lord and his will for me, he brought it his way and in his timing. These simple principles include praying, reading the word and attending a bible-based church. But one of the greatest principles is what are you watching and what are you listening to??? On this earth there are so many ways to get distracted, disoriented and disillusioned. We can be deceived by what we watch and also by what we listen to daily. The enemy is a roaring lion and is looking for those to destroy simply by us not guarding out hearts. The reason I named this article Truth and Consequences is that we can be deceived and even enticed by music and movies into believing lies about our lives and how they should look and what we should have and what we are to accomplish while here on earth. The world is so contrary to the Kingdom of God. The world says, “Its all about me”, but the Kingdom says, “It’s all about Him (Jesus)”. The world says you have to have the latest thing or gadget and the Kingdom says to be content with what we have. The world speaks of success as if it the one thing we are to accomplish or we wont be complete, the Bible says that the greatest accomplishment we shall ever obtain but cant earn is coming the revelation of Christ and all he has done for us. The world doesn’t esteem family life as valuable but even exalts single and living together as better. The world says you can be gay and its fine but the Bible says that a marriage is between one woman and one man. The world broadcasts all the evil and dirt it can find and those working for the Kingdom try and encourage and bring light to this dark place. Media is a tool. It can be used for good or bad. It can build or tear down. It can bring hope or devastate. Its funny the world thinks that the most vulgar and more devastating the story the greater the viewers. The Christian media desires to bring hope to those who are lost, fearful, bound, homeless and hungry. Even Christians these days still choose to listen to secular stations on the radio and are being desensitized by the television movies they watch to be more tolerating of moral issues and cultural differences. I believe the word when it says that what you behold you shall become. It is heartbreaking especially with the youth of these days and how they hold and almost worship their phones and social media as if it they hold the solemn truth and they cant live without them. I have watched the youth that are close to me and observed this obsession and idolatry that his happening as such a young age. Even with parental blocks and some special apps they can still be exposed to such trash without us even being aware of it. I was shocked by some of the songs and videos that my children have seen right in my own home. I had to explain to them that they were wrong and very vulgar and were not to be listened to again while living under my roof. I cant’ imagine what they have seen through their iPads and fed our children with lies and deceit. They can be desensitized about sex and even television while I was gone or busy. We cannot let these things raise our children. They are tools and useful in the right context but they can be used by Satan to consider murder when it is in their video games and on their phones every minute as okay.

You see what we watch and we listen to become our truth, our reality. What we concentrate on becomes our focus. Then what we ponder on comes out of our heart and then our mouths speak. Once our mouth speaks then just like gravity those things are drawn to us. They become our world. I know that some will not believe this but I will speak the truth in the nicest way I know how. The Bible says that life and dearth and in the power of the tongue and they that live thereby shall eat the fruit thereof. There is a book named, “In God We Trust.” And he speaks of these things. This book changed my life. I realized that the very things that I pondered on and began to worry about would indeed become my reality if not given over to God to take and purify. Cast our care upon him who cares for us. Give our fears to him and begin to speak and pray his truth over our lives. I believe that every person has a form of truth within them because even the bible says that Truth stumbled in the streets. So even as children we are taught some form of truth and we observe the truth that our parents live by. Then as adults we will then mimic their truth if not refined and changed by the Word of God. The only real truth resides within the pages of the Bible and when we begin to get a glimpse of it we begin to change and then our world begins to change. Truth is a choice and what we listen to and watch will greatly influence the molding of that truth. Truth does have consequences in that it affects very area of our lives. We live and breathe the truth that we believe and speak. If we speak fear and sickness, we shall have it. If we speak and believe the healing and peace the Bible speaks of we shall have it. Truth is presented to us daily in the word but it is our choice as to whether we will grab it and let it change us. Truth in the world is presented in the Media in many arenas but is it truth or an opinion of someone lost and trying to mislead others. Someone said to me once that Truth is just simply our collaboration of facts and opinions. But if our Truth is based on the Word of God it will set us free. It is solid and eternal and holds many promises that the world’s truth does not. What Truth are you holding onto? Truth has Consequences, yes, many. What truth are you listening to?

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