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IRANIAN ATTACK Was a Trap to Ensnare Trump into Fruitless War

By Jack Watts | June 22, 2019

by Jack Watts COMMON SENSE: The Iranians chose to shoot down our unmanned drone rather than the reconnaissance plane that…

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God’s Word Increases Your Net Worth

By Robin Alcala | August 5, 2017

by Robin Alcala Great insights into the heart and nature of God can be found in Deuteronomy 30. From the deepest parts of His core, He is expressing this unfathomable reality. “Wherever you are in life, no matter how far you have wandered from Me, ignored or forgotten My guidelines…

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MY PRAYER: Wait for the Lord

By Jack Watts | April 14, 2019

by Jack Watts Father, For those who wait patiently for You, For those who come to You for guidance, Rather than taking matters into their own hands, You promise they will mount up with wings like eagles— That they will run and not grow weary— That they will walk and…

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IRANIAN ATTACK Was a Trap to Ensnare Trump into Fruitless War

By Jack Watts | June 22, 2019

by Jack Watts COMMON SENSE: The Iranians chose to shoot down our unmanned drone rather than the reconnaissance plane that had a crew of twenty. Both were vulnerable to attack. Why would Iran do this? Why not attack both? After all, killing infidels is sport for the Iranians. They do…

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Lighting the World Through Media

By Karla Perry | December 31, 2017

by Karla Perry “The truth is still half an hour behind the slander and no one can be certain when or where it will catch up with it,” wrote G.K. Chesterton in his famous Father Brown mysteries. Modern media, not all that different from the journalism of Chesterton’s day, is…

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Why God Hates Open Borders

By David | November 14, 2018

by Dr. Francis Myles Why God Hates Open Borders! Article by Dr. Francis Myles We are living in a world where there is an unmistakable global fight over borders, globalism, and nationalism. These are the critical issues of the last days. Why God Hates Open Borders (a book I recently published) is a result of…


By Jack Watts | September 12, 2018

by Jack Watts That morning, I usually took the 6 to Courtland Street to get to my job at a law firm, just a few blocks from World Trade Center. I overslept and had to take a cab down the FDR. Traffic was unusually terrible, and the cabbie told me about a plane that had…

Be the Change

By Robin Alcala | July 27, 2018

by Robin Alcala If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living. We can’t grow if we just stay where we are. We can’t grow if we don’t change the way we think and act. In fact, changing our life is a continuous process. It never ends. The moment…

Who Is Your Saul?

By Robin Alcala | June 7, 2017

by Robin Alcala In 1 Samuel, we find details regarding the life of King Saul, how he made comprises throughout his life. Unfortunately, Saul was more interested in looking right than actually doing right. The opinion of others mattered more to him than God’s opinion. When he first became king he had a more of…

The Gift Of Love

By Robin Alcala | December 16, 2016

  by Robin Alcala What was one of your favorite childhood Christmas gifts that you received? My all-time favorite was when my Chrissy Prissy doll made her home in my heart. She was beautiful and her hair would grow as I pulled it! Now how fun is that? I get a Santa belly laugh when…

Heaven Is Coming To A Theater Near You!

By Lance Wallnau | January 27, 2016

Something different is happening this month. The forces of Hell are manifesting in more intense ways. At the same time Heaven is breaking out. It’s almost like going into one of those theaters where multiple movies are playing.  Go into the wrong theater and you have a front row seat watching Hell. Go into a different…

Breaking The Boundaries Of The Possible!

By William Worrell | July 28, 2015

by William Worrell Pablo Picasso once said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” After having executed tens of thousands of art works, he became the most famous artist of the 20th century. His productivity was unmatched. Having established his mastery of traditional art, he set out and…

Cultivating A Kingdom Culture

By Shawn Patrick Williams | July 25, 2015

By Shawn Patrick Williams As I have traveled around the world to share my testimony, one of the most significant blessings has been seeing the amazing diversity in the Body of Christ. I grew up in a denominational setting and I praise God that I did, because it was a very evangelical environment. I attribute…

Free Falling

By David | May 13, 2015

My Struggle from Survival to Success to Stepping out into Purpose by Pastor Sally Davis At the beginning of this year during prayer God spoke to me that I would be asked to write articles. Within two months, I was asked to write two, this was the first. I’ve been struggling about writing a book…