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    The USA Was Destroyed in the Middle of the Night

    By Jack Watts | November 11, 2020

    Part of my calling, a very large part, is articulating a Conservative Christian perspective to events important to the American…

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    The Seven Mountains – Business

    By Karla Perry | February 18, 2020

    Business is the economic engine of the nation. Much is being written on this subject as ministry is expanding into the marketplace. Business, in the context of seven mountains or discipleship of nations, is not new territory for evangelism, but a forgotten territory for discipleship.

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    How Long

    By Debby Davis | November 9, 2020

    “How many times, Lord?” The young woman rocked back and forth while her whole body trembled. “I don’t know how much more I can take. Lord, you are a good God. Even in my sorrow, I trust you.” She closed her eyes, and silent tears ran like rivers down her…

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    Chasing Shells

    By Stephanie Parker | September 25, 2020

    As I type this, I am being serenaded by the sounds of the ocean and the breeze flowing through the palm trees.  Our family is on a beach vacation in South Carolina.  I took a glorious walk on the beach this morning.  The second my toes hit the sand, I…

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    The USA Was Destroyed in the Middle of the Night

    By Jack Watts | November 11, 2020

    Part of my calling, a very large part, is articulating a Conservative Christian perspective to events important to the American people. I do this routinely and have been for a number of years. I believe in the sovereignty of Almighty God, American Exceptionalism and the Judeo-Christian Ethic. I believe in…

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    Behind the Mask

    By Debby Davis | September 21, 2020

    He was hiding. He had put on a good face, as he encouraged his men. “Fight bravely. You are capable of winning this war. Have courage, men.” He held up his sword and shook his fist. No one noticed his hands as they trembled in fear or saw the truth behind the fierce-looking eyes. The…

    Giving Meaning to Life by Pursuing a Meaningful Course

    By Stephen Ooko | September 18, 2020

    -Our being alive today is an enough testimony that the Lord has been so good to us, because unless the Lord builds the house,they labor in vain who build it; Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. -Unless the Lord watches us and our perceived achievements and success then those…

    Biden: An Empty Vessel the Radical Left Can Mold

    By Jack Watts | September 16, 2020

    When Joe Biden finally left his basement to campaign in Pittsburg the last day of August, it was very instructive. From the moment it became clear he would become the nominee for the Democratic Party until he was actually nominated, many Conservatives thought the Democrats would replace him with someone more formidable. Reasoning that Biden…

    Stop Saying Yes, When You Want To Say No

    By Debra Gaskill | September 14, 2020

    A movie was playing at the local theater and my daughter, April, asked three girls from work if they’d like to go. Two said yes, but Celine said no–without giving any reason. April told me it initially had the sting of rejection, but later she respected Celine for being so candid. Celine had been studying…

    Flying Feathers and Fur

    By Debby Davis | September 11, 2020

    It was quite a day on the Temple Mount. The traders of sheep, oxen, and doves, hearing the news that “The Teacher” would come to the temple, arrived early, setting up their tables, and rigging their scales in their favor. There was great anticipation of the faithful who would pay any price to gain God’s…

    Trump’s Accomplishments Have Dwarfed Obama’s

    By Jack Watts | September 9, 2020

    For the entirety of President Trump’s time in office, we have been deluged with the message that the rest of the world hates us and Trump hasn’t accomplished anything of value. With this level of saturation marketing by the hostile media, it’s not surprising that many people believe Trump’s Presidency has been a failure, but…

    The Soulmate Search

    By Debra Gaskill | September 7, 2020

    Six-figure income, tall, thin, sports car and homeowner. Yep, single people usually have at least a mental checklist of characteristics they want to see in their future spouse. I’ve had several share their lists with me and I’ve seen “must haves” right down to the eye color. When they ask what I think, it’s hard…

    Come Forth

    By Debby Davis | September 4, 2020

    “One more day, just one more day. Put one step before the other. It will all be over soon, and life will get back to normal. Well, life will get back to the new normal, if life will ever be normal again without him.” The young woman covered from head to toe in black took…

    Trump-Biden: A Tale of Two Destinies

    By Jack Watts | September 2, 2020

    The juxtaposition of where we are as a nation was perfectly depicted for all to see Thursday night. On one hand, we witnessed President Trump lay out his vision for America for the next four years. Despite the Progressive media proclaiming it as being dark, anybody who watched knew it was the exact opposite. It…