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Joy Stealers and Joy Builders

By Robin Bertram | August 10, 2020

I was ministering to a woman who had been struggling with depression. After just a short conversation with her, the…

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The Seven Mountains – Business

By Karla Perry | February 18, 2020

Business is the economic engine of the nation. Much is being written on this subject as ministry is expanding into the marketplace. Business, in the context of seven mountains or discipleship of nations, is not new territory for evangelism, but a forgotten territory for discipleship.

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Joy Stealers and Joy Builders

By Robin Bertram | August 10, 2020

I was ministering to a woman who had been struggling with depression. After just a short conversation with her, the Lord prompted me to ask her several questions regarding her childhood and then her divorce. Her husband left her for another woman a number of years ago, but she still…

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Character Counts

By Robin Bertram | August 3, 2020

Nothing outside of salvation will impact living a life without regrets more than having a Godly character.   Freedom Today was my birth child, given as a gift from the Lord. It was a nationally and internationally syndicated television show that aired for a number of years. I was the…

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The Perversions of the Left Are Destroying the USA

By Jack Watts | July 29, 2020

There is a Scripture that says, “Without a vision, the people perish.” This can also mean, “The people are unrestrained.” In America, I believe the second interpretation is the most accurate. We have become an unrestrained people. We champion wrong, calling it right, while legislating Evil and calling it Good.…

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The Robe

By Debby Davis | June 29, 2020

Behind the shed near the campfire, a fight broke out. “I want it. I saw it first.” “No, give it to me. I deserve it.” “No! It’s mine. As I said, I saw it first.” It was a cast-off, just an old used coat. But there was something special about it. It was woven with…

A Prayer That Was Heard

By Robin Bertram | June 26, 2020

When a heartfelt cry out to God is all you have….   It was a cold winter’s night in the Allegany Mountains of Virginia when I, at the age of seventeen, needed an answered prayer in the worst way. I was on my way home from a football game and a friend of mine needed…

Cancel Culture: America’s Cancer Within

By Jack Watts | June 24, 2020

When I was young, the most consistent message I received was to value education. At school, at home, at church and even playing with other kids, the virtue of learning about our nation’s illustrious history was always proclaimed as being desirable. Everybody felt the same way and for good reason. As Americans, we were the…

Defy Blue State Governors and Reopen Your Churches

By Jack Watts | June 24, 2020

Throughout the land, Christian people are looking to their governors, seeking permission to reopen their churches for worship. With President Trump being supportive, believers are hopeful that their long religious hiatus will finally be coming to and end. Witnessing this, I am flabbergasted by what is happening. Neither Christians, Jews nor even Muslims need to…

Hurt Feelings

By Debby Davis | June 22, 2020

“Did you hear the news? The Lord God has decided that the man should not be alone. Anyone of us could become the chosen partner for him.”   One by one, the animals paraded past the new creation called man. He studied and examined each one and then gave them a name, but ultimately all…

10 Promises Of God’s Endless Love

By Robin Bertram | June 19, 2020

O boundless God, So high, so small, You stoop to our hearts Though Creator of all.
You call and You come as The Pearl of Great Price,
 As the fullness of love, And the riches of life.
We sell all we treasure, O Pearl of Great Price,
 Now treasuring only You!   Does God love me? Does…

Be American, Defy Blue State Draconian Orders

By Jack Watts | June 17, 2020

Nothing can be clearer than the desire of Blue State Democrats to deny your civil liberties, infringe upon your right to free assembly and to abridging your right to worship God. By keeping their states shut down while taking a paycheck themselves, the goal of these dictatorial Democrats is to defeat President Trump in November.…


By Debby Davis | June 15, 2020

“I saw it with my own eyes, and I heard it with my own ears. Jesus spoke back to Pilot and told him that he, Pilot had no authority over him except what had come from above. Can you believe it? Jesus dared to speak back to Pilot? Do you suppose that Jesus was actually…

An Everlasting Sign

By Debby Davis | June 12, 2020

Isaiah 55:13 These events will bring great honor to the Lord’s name;     they will be an everlasting sign of his power and love.” NL   Nothing can stop us now. The whole world is behind us and supporting us. We will build this tower. Higher than any other. Unknowingly the people began to build…