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Father, Restore Our Nation

By Jack Watts | May 27, 2020

Father, We are deeply grieved as we see how far America has strayed From the nation we once were—from the…

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The Seven Mountains – Business

By Karla Perry | February 18, 2020

Business is the economic engine of the nation. Much is being written on this subject as ministry is expanding into the marketplace. Business, in the context of seven mountains or discipleship of nations, is not new territory for evangelism, but a forgotten territory for discipleship.

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Keep Walking

By Debby Davis | May 25, 2020

“So how much longer are we supposed to keep walking?” Judah whispered.   “Shhhhh.  I’m not sure, maybe another 30 minutes,” Michael replied. “I was keeping track of our steps but got distracted. I really don’t know.”   “Well, my feet are tired. I just want to sit down and…

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Putting out Fires

By Debby Davis | May 22, 2020

Yesterday was not my best cooking day.  It all started when my daughter Marie-Louise wanted me to fry some plantains for her.  I hate deep-frying, but I said I would do it for her. I was in a hurry, mistake #1…never fry in a hurry, so I poured the oil…

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Father, Restore Our Nation

By Jack Watts | May 27, 2020

Father, We are deeply grieved as we see how far America has strayed From the nation we once were—from the people You’ve called us to be. As Deep State operatives supported by corrupt elected officials Increase their power over the righteous, they betray The public trust time after time, and…

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Does My Life Stink?

By Debra Gaskill | May 8, 2020

Recently I had a disturbing dream.  I was in a long narrow room full of women.  I only recognized two of the ladies–Liz and Jenny.   Liz held up a very expensive designer purse that she had won in a contest.  She already had plenty of designer purses so she asked who would like to have…

China & Democrats Team Up to Destroy America’s Greatness

By Jack Watts | May 6, 2020

With the dust beginning to settle, things have become much clearer. Whether it was intentional or inadvertent, there is one thing that has become certain. The Chinese Communists have used the COVID-19 pandemic to try and destroy the economy of the USA and the other Western Democracies. Simultaneously, they have been profiteering from the contagion…

I Will Prevail

By Debby Davis | May 4, 2020

I Will Prevail I saw the billowing rain clouds in the heavens, as they prepared to dump their contents upon the earth. They were black and grey, with sun rays glowing from behind. I heard rumbling and saw bolts of lightning as they grew in power. Soon they overcame the rays of sunlight, and the…


By Debby Davis | May 1, 2020

God woke me up this morning with this word: “Just whose idea is this anyway?” Noah’s wife shook her head and walked away. “I don’t know what has gotten into him. He works on that monstrous thing day and night. He is always dragging me over there, showing me the latest thing he has added.…

During These Troubling Times

By Jack Watts | April 29, 2020

O God, our loving Heavenly Father, We thank You for Your surpassing love, care and compassion for us.   We have been afflicted in many ways, but we have not been crushed.   We have been perplexed, but we are not despairing.   We have been  persecuted, but we have never been forsaken by You.…

Born To Fight

By Debby Davis | April 27, 2020

It was like he was born to fight. He came into this world fighting, and he never stopped until the day he wrestled with God.  As a young man, he argued and fought with his brother until the situation got out of control, and he had to leave town in a hurry. Never looking back,…

Hearing God

By Debby Davis | April 24, 2020

Things weren’t going so well for Moses as he stood before Pharaoh.  God had told Moses to take his brother Aaron and demand that the king release the people of God.  At that moment, Moses had no idea how many times he would stand before Pharaoh, demanding that the monarch free the people of God. …

What Is Faith And Why Is It Important

By Roger Wright | April 13, 2020

We all exhibit faith every day and most of the time we do it without even realizing it. Think about it for a moment; you sit in a chair and never wonder if it will hold you up, you flip on a light switch and never wonder if the light is going to come on; you…

You Are Not Alone

By Debby Davis | April 10, 2020

“I am so tired. I can’t wait to get home.” “Well, we’re almost there, Ruben. I bet my wife will have dinner waiting for me. It’s too bad that your wife doesn’t cook like mine. Simon laughed as he slapped his friend on the back. Just then, he turned his head and saw smoke rising…