“Unintended Consequences” for New York

COMMON SENSE: What occurred in Manhattan yesterday was a viciously punitive miscarriage of justice. For even a casual observer who doesn’t pay attention to politics, he or she would now know what “Malicious Prosecution” means. A Soros Attorney General, Letitia James, made a campaign promise to “get Trump.” Now, along with Judge Arthur Engoron, she has fulfilled her purpose, but her victory may be short-lived.

I believe the Law of Unintended Consequences will be at play here. Most Americans, even non-Progressive Democrats, abhor unfairness, and what happened yesterday was clearly unfair.

So, what would these unintended consequences be? While Progressive Democrats were thrilled by the massive judgment against Trump—a $355 million penalty—it terrified other corporations that are headquartered in the Big Apple. Fearing malicious prosecution by the state, they will be packing up and headed to Florida, Texas, Georgia and Tennessee. New York will lose billions in tax revenue when they do.

Who can blame them, but that’s not all that will happen. If I were Governor Abbott of Texas, I would double or triple the buses sent to New York, knowing that the city will have new funds to spend caring for Illegals. Flood the city with Illegals, Albany too.

But there’s even further consequences that should be headed New York’s way. If Trump is elected, which he certainly might be, other than West Point, I would shutdown every military facility in the state, but that’s not all. I would end all funding for the U.N. As President, I would do everything in my considerable power to strip New York of all federal funding. When criticized for doing so, I would quote Obama, “Elections have consequences.”

We shall see what happens, but James and Engeron may be smiling on the other side of their faces before this is over.