Our Purpose Is Clear


With open borders that have allowed at least 9 million Illegals to enter the USA since 2021, coupled with a weakening economy and lack of respect worldwide, our beloved nation is in a difficult position. All of this has been avoidable. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it is well within our ability to turn things around. Our goal is doable and achievable.

Many predict that the USA is in irreversible decline, but I don’t believe this for a second. We can make America great again, but it will require effort. It will not be easy, especially since the Children of Darkness, the Woke Progressive Democrats, are equally intent on fulfilling their destiny. They are committed to imposing their vision for what the United States should be, codifying it into law. We are in direct opposition to this.

This means we are engaged in a pitch battle for the heart and soul of America. We want freedom that produces righteousness, not evil. They want freedom too, but the freedom they desire is freedom from restraint, where everyone is empowered do what is right in his or her own eyes. This means they are the champions of wickedness and depravity.

The Woke Progressives have the power of the Presidency on their side, the media, the social media, the Deep State, and the forces of darkness in high places. On our side, we have Almighty God, the Constitution and millions of faithful, patriotic citizens who are sick and tired of being force-fed the Progressive agenda.

Some may disagree, but I like our odds. We can turn everything around. It can happen and will happen, but we have to work for it. It will not be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. We must be united. Being of one mind and one purpose, we can win the battle this November. We must retake the White House, the Senate and strengthen our majority in the House of Representatives.

You’ve witnessed what Joe Biden and his puppet masters have done to our beloved nation. If the Democrats win in November, their mission to take the USA down another notch or two will mean that, by 2028, there may be 25 million unskilled Illegals living here, each demanding food, housing, money and medical services. What Biden and his handlers desire is financially unsustainable. We will no longer be the land of the free. Even worse, I doubt we will ever function normally again.

Everything I have written is true. Our time is at hand, and our mission is clear. For such a time as this, Our Heavenly Father has brought us to a place where our nation’s salvation can only be realized though Him. Our willingness to obey Him is the key. If we do, if we humble ourselves before Him, I am convinced He will hear our prayers and honor our commitment to make America great again.

With all of this being said, will you join me in this great crusade? Will you fight for our way of life, never surrendering to the damnable, heretical worldview of the Progressives? If you are willing to do so, at bare minimum, you will have stood for something worthwhile. Your faithfulness is necessary to restore our beloved nation to its rightful place as the leader of the free world. Will you be the person, the patriotic citizen, Almighty God is calling you to be?