An Odor of Mendacity

COMMON SENSE: When Judge McAfee made his ruling, allowing D.A. Fani Willis to remain in charge of the case against former-President Trump and the others, I was incensed. McAfee’s decision was such an obvious miscarriage of justice. With Willis’ conduct being blatantly unethical and inappropriate, I felt certain the Judge would do the right thing by disqualifying her, but he didn’t.

Having had a day to reflect on his decision, however, I have changed my mind. I have come to be delighted by his decree. Let me explain why.

Several years ago, when the “Lawfare” against Trump began, he was very vocal about the coordinated effort against him. Repeatedly, he said it was “a witch hunt.” Some agreed, but many didn’t. To a large number of Americans, even many who voted for him twice, it seemed like Trump was either guilty or at least whining too much about what was happening. That there was a witch hunt against him just didn’t seem possible. Their assumption of most is that our system of justice is above being used for blatantly political purposes.

After all, the United States is not a banana republic, where political persecution is commonplace. We are a nation of laws, where everyone is treated fairly and equally. Back then, many believed this, but they no longer do.

With the $454 million fine in New York against Trump, even though there was no victim, the $83 million judgment awarded to E. Jean Carroll, and now the Fulton County turn of events, it would be hard to find a fair-minded person who doesn’t recognize that the Lawfare against Trump is real.

This is why I’m glad Fani Willis has been allowed to continue. Concerning her, Judge McAfee said there is an “Odor of Mendacity.” What an accurate, appropriate phrase.

Although I’ve written over thirty books, I had to look up what mendacity meant. Concerning Willis and the case she has brought against Trump and the others, there is an odor of deceitfulness that permeates the air. It’s pungent.

The idiom, “Odor of Mendacity,” will be used and repeated from now until the November Presidential Election. It will be a constant reminder to every American about the dishonesty surrounding the Lawfare against the one man who the Democrats, the Woke Progressives, and the Deep State hate with a passion, Donald J. Trump.

So, having her remain in place as the District Attorney in one of the most corrupt municipalities on earth will work in Trump’s favor. No political commercial could ever be as effective against the corruption of the Democrats and their standard bearer, Joe Biden, as the simple phrase, “Odor of Mendacity.” Like Hillary calling us Deplorables, the Democrats will rue the day Judge McAfee ever wrote this. For this reason, I am thrilled with the Judge’s clearly flawed decision.

ADDENDUM: I hope a “Gag Order” isn’t imposed against Fani. She’s too entertaining