Massive White House Deception

COMMON SENSE: Okay, what we have known and discussed repeatedly ever since Joe Biden became President, that he suffers from some form of dementia, has now become public knowledge, thanks to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report. Many Americans, hearing this for the first time, are understandably just beginning to come to terms with how serious this is, but we’re not. We’ve known for a long time.

Biden’s gaffs are not gaffs at all. It’s how he views reality. It’s not unusual. It’s how cognitively compromised people think. His obvious confusion is normal for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia. He can’t help it. It’s who he has become, and he’s never going to recover from it. This means he is no longer fit to serve. He probably hasn’t been for years.

Others can see this now, but those who have been closest to him in the White House, those who have worked with him on a daily basis, have witnessed his progressive deterioration for years, perhaps even before the beginning of his Presidency.

The problem is these people have cynically done everything within their power to hide the truth from us, the American people. We can’t fault Joe Biden for his senility. It’s not his fault, but we can condemn those who have carefully concealed his deterioration from us. They’ve willfully lied, telling us that Joe is as sharp as a tack, when they’ve known that he’s not even close.

Biden doesn’t know that he’s demented. Those who are never do. It’s up to others, those around people like him to recognize what’s happening. They are the ones responsible for doing something about it, but the White House staff and the fawning Leftwing media have refused to do this. Instead, they have doubled down on being deceptive. They still are.

We know why they’ve done this, don’t we? It’s because, by admitting the truth, they would be forced to give up their positions of power. They’ve created an untenable situation. It’s like we’ve been the duped into participating in an extended version of a “Weekend at Bernie’s” movie.

The White House staff and key Democratic leaders have carefully managed Joe, hiding the truth from us. Now that the fact is out and obvious for anyone to see, other than those who have a vested interest in maintaining the deception, what do we do about it?

To begin with, while others are catching up, some penetrating questions need to be asked. With Biden unable to function as President, who is actually running the country? Nobody other than Biden’s White House staff knows, and none of them have been forthcoming. One thing is for certain. Whoever it is has not been elected by the American people. This situation cannot continue. It cannot stand. We need to know who’s running the show. It’s unacceptable to be kept in the dark.

There is a second issue as well. Having been systematically lied to by the White House, by the Democrats close to Biden and by the media for years, how can any of these people ever be trusted again to tell the truth? The answer is, they can’t. Their deceit, which has been completely self-serving, should disqualify them from ever holding a position of authority again. They all must go—not just some of them, all of them.

Joe Biden must resign immediately. Even though Kamala Harris would be a disaster, at least she is not cognitively impaired. We simply cannot have a Commander-in-Chief whose brain is not capable of functioning properly. In November, we’ll have the opportunity to straighten things out. Until then, we’ll have to be like the British and just muddle through.