Our Position on Illegals

The media, acting as if they have had an epiphany, have just discovered that “Illegal Immigration” is the number one issue for voters in the United States. Even though people like you and me have been ringing the clarion bell about this problem for three years, warning anybody who would listen about Joe Biden’s disastrous policy of having open borders, knowing that it would destroy the land of the free and home of the brave, not many “of our betters” have been willing to listen. Now that it has become this election’s primary issue, they are willing, but they remain clueless about why we are so opposed.

We’re not just anti-immigrant Nativists. We have good reasons for our position. Here are a few:

—There are more Illegals than we can assimilate. Nobody knows exactly how many Illegals have come into the United States since President Biden rescinded President Trump’s border policies. Until a week ago, the Biden administration refused to admit there is a problem, maintaining that the southern border is secure, but they are wrong. It obviously isn’t. There may now be as many as 10 million Illegals, which is more than the population of forty-one states.

—This invasion at our southern border was planned by the Biden administration in a deliberate attempt to make these Illegals citizens who would eventually vote for Democrats. That Biden has done this, in a deliberate attempt to destroy Middle-Class America infuriates us but, now that it has become such a powerful voting issue, it’s certain that Biden will do something to stem the tide. His blatant cynicism galls us.

—We don’t know who these Illegals are, where they have come from or where they are now. Neither does the Biden administration, the FBI or anybody else. To us, this level of incompetence is unacceptable.

—Almost all of the 10 million Illegals are unskilled and uneducated. They don’t speak English. They don’t have any jobs or any place to live. Almost all are a financial burden on taxpayers. With the USA already being $34 trillion in debt, we simply cannot afford to support multiplied millions of Illegals, many of whom need medical care. They are not Americans, which means they are not our responsibility. Why should we be responsible to accept and pay for this added burden?

—Of the 10 million Illegals, a disproportionate number are young men. With no work and a scarcity of women, crime will abound, especially crimes against women. Just watch.

—Democrats will want to give amnesty to these Illegals and a pathway to citizenship, knowing they will quickly become Democrats. Saying that we are racists for opposing this, Democrats will try to shame us into accepting what Biden has done as being legitimate, but we’re not buying it.

—What we want is to send them back, all 10 million of them, to seal the southern border and to uphold the laws that are already on the books. Nothing short of this will appease us, and we vote. All of us vote, and none of us will vote for Biden.